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Zelda U rumours point to an NX release, voice acting, and both male and female playable characters

April 8, 2016 / 12:56 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

Rumours are everywhere nowadays in the Nintendo community, and the latest of them revolve around the new The Legend of Zelda title for Wii U, due for release later on this year. Emily Rogers heard some rumours from ‘very reliable sources’, as she says on Twitter. Below are the three (yes, THREE) pieces of information she revealed:

This aren’t to be taken lightly. Ms. Rogers was one of the people that managed to dig up the information that a new Paper Mario title was coming to the Wii U later in 2016, as well as announcing the news on Twitter. This of course turned out to be true, as Paper Mario: Color Splash was revealed to be coming to the Wii U in the previous Nintendo Direct, albeit to the hatred of fans who saw it as Sticker Star 2.

The rumours here are certainly fun to think about. It has been suspected that the latest in the ever-popular adventuring franchise would cross-release with the NX, Nintendo’s next home console, for a long while now. There was a rumour around February time that stated practically the same thing, and it was this source that leaked Disney Art Academy alongside other 3DS titles still under code names. From this, it is impossible to see how the NX will come after 2016, so it is naturally exciting for fans to be seeing a new hardware platform this soon. The thought of being able to choose the gender of your playable character also seems pretty neat, as fans have been asking for a female protagonist for a while. Whether this means that we’ll be seeing a Link/Linkle situation, or two different characters entirely, is not out in the open yet, although my rupees are on the former idea. The final rumour both excites me and worries me. It can lead towards a story with more impact than previous entries thanks to the voices, yet they would have to be pretty good in order not to ruin the atmosphere. And even though it would be great that it does get voice acting like other story-telling blockbusters outside of the big N (Witcher 3, Uncharted, so on and so forth), but one of the things I liked about the Zelda games was the absence of voice acting.

Regardless, we are just over two months away from this year’s E3, the biggest date in any gamer’s calender. This year is set to be massive for Nintendo, with new information regarding The Legend of Zelda due to finally come out, as well as the potential reveal of the mysterious NX. Either way, you’d best get on Nintendo’s E3 2016 hype train, because its destination is set for amazing games!

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