Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds, has quickly become the most anticipated title for 3DS by many fans, and any footage of the game has gotten them rushing toward their screens to take a look at it. This is over 8 minutes of direct gameplay footage presented by IGN at San Diego Comic-Con. What we’ve learned from this video is that despite what we believed earlier, the world in this game is not identical to the world in A Link to the Past; instead there are very subtle differences made to work better with the new mechanics of this game, such as merging with walls. The dungeons, as we’ve learned from previous gameplay though, are completely redesigned to give a new experience, but still have the same names as the original game. In this case, we see the Tower of Hera, and how it has been redesigned to work with what appears to be the Magic Hammer in conjunction with the 3D visuals to add different layers to the dungeon.

Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
is set to release in North America this November, in Europe late 2013, and in Japan in 2014.

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