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UPDATED: Wii U Exclusive Game Trailer: I’ve Got to Run!

May 14, 2014 / 12:00 PM

By: Jesse Waldack


UPDATE: I’ve Got to Run! will be released on eShop in North America on Thursday, June 5th, 2014.  The pricing listed below in the article is still correct.

A Wii U exclusive game will be released in June in North America.  One of the first of the promised Indie Games to be released on Wii U is an “endless auto-runner” that boasts randomly generated maps that will never create an impossible situation due to an AI “perfect-run” character performing the platforming off screen ensuring it is possible.  If a screen is found that causes this AI to die, the screen is recreated before being displayed to the player to ensure the never-impossible situation.  While this doesn’t mean that some jumps won’t be improbable.  According to the developer Syrenne McNulty of 4 Corner Games, “many of the jumps that it creates are very difficult.”

Today we get our first look at I’ve Got to Run! in the form of a trailer that was released to media yesterday.  The trailer and more information about the game modes in this $1.99 title appears after the jump.

Syrenne asked me to mention that while the video seems blurry due to the limitation of 30 frames per second in the recording, the actual game play runs at a smooth 60 frames per second and will be blur-free.

The modes shown in the video are:

  • Endless Classic: Considered by play-testers to be the most difficult mode in the game, Marshmallow Boy runs across counter tops in a kitchen armed only with the single-jump ability.
  • Endless Double: Considered to be the easiest mode, Marshmallow Boy runs on top of a series of castle towers overlooking the neighboring castle.  Similar in game play to Endless Classic except for the ability to double-jump.
  • Endless Special: Played on the lunar surface similar to Endless Double with the addition of speed-up and speed-down items.  You can see the game played at the faster pace later on in the trailer.

Not shown in the trailer, but will be available at some point after the game’s release:

  • Endless Expert: She didn’t say much about the fourth mode other than it will be unlockable later as $0.99 DLC and that it is meant for advanced and expert platformer fans.

While the exact launch date isn’t yet known, other than “June” (which is an improvement over “Q2” which we’ve had before), we do know that I’ve Got to Run! will launch in the North American eShop on Thursday, June 5th, 2014 at $1.99 in the US ($2.19 in Canada, which I am told is a common conversion in eShop pricing).  It will launch in Europe first in PEGI-covered regions in Q3 at a price of $2 USD (converted to local currency) + VAT.  There are also a plans for a Germany release, but currently no plans to release in Russia, New Zealand, Australia, or Japan.

One additional item of note for our readers who also frequent Nintendo World Report and that family of podcasts.  Syrenne had been a guest on Connectivity a number of times in the last several months, one to perform a full blown interview on I’ve Got to Run!.  One of the things mentioned in that interview was that she was going to try to have a 50% off sale during the first week of release.  Unfortunately, it turns out this is not possible and asked that the following message gets relayed:

Due to circumstances out of my control, I’ve Got to Run! will not feature the planned launch-weekend 50% off sale; however, there are certainly plans to reward loyal fans with discounts in the future. Please stay tuned for more in the future.

For more information on I’ve Got to Run!, follow the official twitter account of 4 Corner Games @4CornerGames.

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