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What’s Included in Miitomo’s New Update

November 10, 2016 / 5:17 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

Hey, you there. Remember Miitomo? That app from way back then? Okay okay, the obligatory jab at the app’s major decline in popularity since its launch period is over. In fact, the latest update may generate interest in Nintendo’s first mobile app, emphasis on ‘may’. Nevertheless, Nintendo has added some pretty nifty features in this update, which went live earlier today.

Direct messaging, a staple of most social media apps, has arrived

Direct messaging, a staple of most social media apps, has arrived

One of the big features is the ability to send private messages to your pals via Miitomo. This is done with a ‘Nintendo’ touch to it, as messages are passed via the Miis, with the sender being able to set their expression and going to their room in the game to send it. Nothing groundbreaking, but certainly a neat touch. There are now sidekick Mii characters, which at the core work in similar veins to Tomodachi Life, with their own rooms and outfits too.

There’s quite an upgrade to customisation to, most notably your room. You can now change your flooring and wallpaper, and the promotion running right now allows you to get them in the theme of Super Mario Bros., Splatoon, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, as long as you do certain tasks during this time. Normal wallpapers and flooring are obtained through Miitomo Drop. Plus, you can select a photo from your device to be a poster in your room. Sadly after the first poster, each one costs 99 cent.

You too can gain a pretty sweet Mario-themed wallpaper by simply sending a direct message!

You too can gain a pretty sweet Mario-themed wallpaper by simply sending a direct message!

The next part allows you to submit up to three custom outfits a day for other users to see within the Style Central. Through this, players can look at what’s on offer, and can even buy parts of a Mii’s outfit without having to use the in-game shop. The Answer Central is another new feature, revolving around the game’s main appeal of answering questions. Here, anyone can browse a public list of questions and answers, opening up the social interactions to a broader audience.

Wrapping us up is the new timeline feature that basically streamlines latest answers from your chums. So that is it for Miitomo’s new update. I have personally seen more taking up Animal Crossing: New Leaf once again following its big update last week. But does this entice you to take another dive into Nintendo’s app, or are you not gonna bother? Let us know down below, as well as what you think if you do try it out for yourselves.

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  1. KimseyHott

    Great. I don’t know exactly the number of player but i think this update will wake it up.
    Looking. It’s soaring again
    Daily rating is increasing after update, you can see here . I just can’t believe this. I thought this game died, now reinstall it.

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