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What I want to see in Nintendo’s Splatoon 2-focused Direct

July 5, 2017 / 1:00 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

It’s weird to think that Splatoon 2, the sequel to Nintendo’s fresh IP that went to sell over four and a half million units, is launching for the Nintendo Switch in just a little over two WEEKS. Crazy, right? Thankfully, Nintendo is broadcasting a Direct themed around the title, and hopefully, we’ll get a lot of new information about it. After watching the presentation for the first game, I feel quite confident that this will cover both old and new turf, in that we’ll be given a recap of sorts of what has been seen so far, as well as a good chunk of never-before-seen content. So, as is typical of a Direct, there are a bunch of things I personally want to see during the Direct. This won’t be a top 5 list, as I already did such a thing for what I want to see in Splatoon 2 over at Nintendo Prime (which you may check out here if you so wish). Instead, this will be a more casual article, if that’s a way to describe it.

So one of the things I really want to see is new modes. I love every ruleset that has been introduced so far (although Tower Control is at the bottom I’d say), but if this game wants to be cemented as a proper sequel, I believe this is necessary. We have seen tweaks to the current Ranked modes, and whilst the fact that the Rainmaker now dishes out blasts of ink instead of tornadoes is sure to introduce new strategies, it’s not enough. I would love to see new modes that can’t be seen in any other shooter. In addition, I think new ways to play should be implemented for the casual audience too. Perhaps something more familiar like a team deathmatch style of mode would be good in welcoming those already accustomed with the typical shooter. Either way, new modes should be an essential part in tomorrow’s Direct.

Despite the lack of content available at launch, Splatoon was able to keep the momentum going by receiving new updates in the form of maps, gear, weapon sets and so on. I think, in order to entice early adopters not to sell it back early, Nintendo needs to show what is coming down the line. Will there be any major updates to improve the core of the game (but this really should be in from the get-go this time)? What will new maps/weapons look like? Experiencing new stuff across the course of a good time was a quite exciting part of the original, so seeing what is on the horizon post-launch would be neat.

Being a popular part of the original game, fans may be wondering about what is in store for it this time around. (Source)

Following on from my last point, what about Splatfests? These occasional events brought a different life into the original, changing the aesthetic to a night-time festival setting, with different music to boot. But what made these especially fun was that it was essentially a battle between two sides, where players could vote for which was better (dogs vs cats, for example). With Marie in charge of the single-player campaign, and Callie missing, what will be happening about these events if the previous hosts aren’t present? What can Inklings expect the battles to be between? Plus, will maps be rotated throughout the twenty-four hours? And will there be more than one bleedin’ song playing during matches in Splatoon 2? The Splatfests proved to be especially popular with both kids and squids, so I feel that we need to learn more about them during the Direct.

And just to wrap things up, I want to see more of Inkopolis Square, the new hub for Inkling culture. We haven’t seen a whole bunch of this area, so I wonder if there’s a lot to see and do. So far, we know where to access the single-player mode, as well as how to get into online multiplayer, and the young chap that will be taking over Spyke’s job from the first Splatoon. But we are clueless in pretty much everything else. What will be the shops look like? Will an arcade be in use? Will there be any new facilities? What the heck is Crusty Sean doing operating a food truck now? It seems like a funky place to hang out, so I would like to see more.

Regardless, it is safe to assume that there will be a good helping of information coming in tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct. Be it new or old news, I’d say it’d be a good showing for Splatoon 2, a great way to show what’s on offer for squid kids in two weeks time. But what do you want to see from tomorrow’s broadcast? Any hopes you want to see to the upcoming Switch game? Let us know down below!

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