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Vive Pro Price and Release Date Revealed

March 19, 2018 / 6:28 PM

By: Zack O'Neill

HTC Today announced the long-awaited price and release date of the Vive Pro; their follow-up to the Vive, which released two years ago. It has been made public that the Vive Pro will release on April 5th for $799 for the headset alone. They have stated previously that the Vive Pro is meant for the “prosumer”, so not the average consumer who may already own the regular Vive, but enterprise customers who may own VR arcades or other businesses involving VR. As many of you may imagine, this announcement didn’t go over well with the online VR community, given that the full set of the original Vive cost $799 at launch two years ago. Many are hoping for LG to say more about the headset that they teased at last year’s GDC, or for HTC to make a true gen 2 VR headset, rather than one that is similar in specs to the Samsung Odyssey, which costs $300 less for a full set. HTC has stated that they will soon be announcing a Pro bundle, but it will obviously still be aimed toward the enterprise market.

In related news; HTC also announced that the regular Vive set will be dropping down to $499, which still puts it at $100 more expensive than the Oculus Rift, but it’s up to the buyer to decide whether it’s worth it or not at that point. It is worth noting that the original headset will not be compatible with upcoming hardware like the gen 2 Lighthouses, but will (supposedly) be compatible with Valve’s Kunckles controllers. You can buy the Vive for $499 now, or pre-order the Vive Pro for $799 if you’re into that kinda thing.

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