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VG Tribune Staff Gift Selections for Holiday 2015

December 8, 2015 / 11:00 AM

By: Matthew Williams

Are you still looking for that perfect holiday gift for someone? Don’t know what cool gaming/geek gear to ask ‘Santa’ (*cough* family) for? Do not worry, we have you covered! The VG Tribune staff has decided to share some unique holiday gift ideas with our readers. A description of each item and a purchase link can be found below.

$100+ Price Range:


Smash Bros. Amiibo Wall Stands ($175.00): Showcase your Smash Bros. Amiibo in style with these cool wall stands! Etsy user, MorsbaneGoods, is selling these handmade shelves at an affordable price of $175 for the entire 55-man Smash Bros. roster, or individually at $8 each. The individual wall stands can be found here.


Legend of Zelda Double Octave Ocarina ($100.00): This ceramic, double octave Ocarina from STL will make any Legend of Zelda fan full of cheerful glee. Each Ocarina also comes with volume one of the Zelda Songbook, fingering charts, and a protective bag.


$50-$99.99 Price Range:


Mega Man Mega Buster Gun Replica ($80.00): This is a full-scale, wearable replica of Mega Man’s Mega Buster. It lights up and features sound effects when you’re playing with it, and comes with a stand to display it when you’re not saving the world from Dr. Wily!


Vault-Tec Vault Dweller’s Orientation Kit ($69.99): The Vault Dweller’s Kit includes a Vault 111 keychain, hoodie, and backpack, a Vault Boy lunchbox, Fallout 4 logo flag, Nuka-Cola shot glass, and 7″ Intelligence bobblehead, all packed in a Vault-Tec box. It’s exclusive to ThinkGeek and is sure to astonish whoever opens it up.


Revo K101 GameBoy Advance Replacement ($75.99): Dust off your GBA carts and carry them around with you on a higher resolution screen that can make reliving your childhood easier on the eyes. Revo is selling their GBA hardware replacement for $75.99. It comes with a Revo K101 unit, earphones, a pouch for the system, wrist strap and an transflash cart (empty gba cart) that can be used to house and play digital versions of your GBA games. The alternative handheld system can be found here.


NES Cartridge Flasks ($19.99 – $89.99)You may not be a drunk, but sometimes you need to become a bit clever in how you store and transport your beverages. It doesn’t have to contain alcohol, but since there are over a dozen different designs you can pick your favorite game and fill it with more awesome. Note: The flasks do not contain playable games. You can find all of them for sale by Ink Whiskey on Amazon.


Less Than $50 Price Range:


Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas Jumper (£34.99): Stay warm and travel in style to your holiday parties, with this ‘retro-tastic’ Sonic the Hedgehog Jumper! Chaos emeralds are not included, unfortunately.


8bitdo SFC30 Wireless Bluetooth Controller for IOS/Android/PC/Mac/Linux) ($34.90): This Bluetooth controller connects to any mobile device and PC (if your PC can do Bluetooth or you have a dongle), and gives you an almost identical and authentic feeling wireless controller. Perfect for emulation, and those raspberry pi set ups. Charges by USB, and just feels incredibly solid and nice in your hands. You can also use multiple controllers on the same device because it has 2, and 3 player modes.


Retro Plate & Watch for New 3DS ($24.99): If you managed to get a new 3DS system recently and are looking for a cool plate for the system. This Game & Watch plate actually has a LCD screen that is a clock, so when your not using your system you can easily see the time and even use it as an alarm clock. It just looks great, but it does add on to the dimensions of the system slightly.


Legends of Localization: Book 1 (The Legend of Zelda) ($29.00): A localization book based on the first Legend of Zelda game. This is made by Clyde Mandolin, a professional translator who works at FUNimation and worked on the Mother 3 Fan Translation. He compares all the versions of the first Zelda game spanning across multiple systems and remakes, and addresses some of the games changes, and censorship.


Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set ($19.99): This ThinkGeek exclusive looks like a 6.5″ tall R2-D2, but breaks down into all sorts of measuring cups of various sizes. It’s a fun way to encourage people to make you tasty snacks because they’ll have fun using the R2-D2 cups to measure out the ingredients, and when everything’s all cleaned up you can put everything back together and have a cute little R2-D2 in your kitchen.


Level-Up Pipe Mug ($12.99): On the outside it looks like a simple 15 oz. mug made in the style of pipes from one of the worlds greatest game franchise. On the inside they would lead you to believe that it can house any beverage of your choosing but they fail to share that with a mini mushroom, you may be able to enter the mushroom kingdom. It’s another ThinkGeek gift and it’s sure to provide joy with every sip for Super Mario Bros. vets.


Logitech F710 ($39.00; Sale): The F710 is the beautiful child of a PS3 and Xbox 360 Controller. It adds a bit of width to Sony’s child while taking after Microsoft’s face button design. It’s wireless (wireless dongle included), has rumble and any game that recognizes the Xbox controller will work with this one perfectly. It even comes with software that lets you design custom controls for games. This is the perfect gift for someone that likes indie games or a few pc games that would work much better with a controller for a person that primarily games on consoles.

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Matthew, a graduate from Texas Christian University, now works as a Senior Digital Analytics Consultant for Ernst & Young. With a passion for video games (mostly retro and survival horror) and data, Matthew is pursuing a career in game analytics.

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