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Valve Announces Mann vs. Machine for Team Fortress 2

August 13, 2012 / 8:56 PM

By: Zack O'Neill

The long awaited Mann vs. Machine update for Team Fortress 2 is set to release on the 15th of this month, as revealed today by Valve. Accompanying this announcement is arguably the best TF2 trailer to ever be released, as well as (in normal TF2 fashion) a new section of the website that will reveal new information over the coming days.

For the first time in TF2 history, we see the Red and Blu team join together to fight a new force, Gray Robots. These robots just happen to be modeled after all of the members of the teams, and from what the new comic says, run on piles of money. It’s unknown what kind of things you can do with that money, perhaps if you play a lot of Mann vs. Machine mode, you can spend that money on certain items in the Mann Co. Store.

The different classes of robots are:

  • Steel Gauntlet (Heavy)
  • Demoknight (Demoman)
  • Bowman (Sniper)
  • Minor League Scout (Scout)
  • Quick Fix Medic (Medic)
  • Heavyweight Champ (Heavy)
  • Uber Medic (Medic)
  • Sydney Sniper (Sniper)

More are sure to be announced in the coming days, seeing as all classes were not represented here. And along with the robots that have been announced, there will be giants robots that move at half the speed of the normal ones. And yes, their weapons are giant, too.

It appears that the main objective to the game mode is to stop the robots that hold bombs on their back from reaching the self-destruct areas, similar to the fashion of stopping the bomber from reaching the bombing point in Counter-Strike. And, of course, there is a way to stop you from spamming sentries to kill all the robots: Sentry Busters. Giant exploding robots that walk directly to your sentries and destroy them. They take a few seconds to arm themselves, giving Engineers an opportunity to move their stuff out of range.

All of this comes after the TF2 blog announced yesterday that the community had solved their hardest ARG yet in less than 12 hours. This caused them to release the first part of the new comic: Blood Brothers.

This is truly exciting news for Team Fortress fans, but I’m sure that one question is on all of our minds; Do we get robot hats now? Perhaps we shall find out tomorrow, in the mean time, prepare yourselves by destroying your opponent team while you still can.

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