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Upcoming U.S. Concerts for Piano Opera: music from Final Fantasy (Los Angeles/New York City)

February 15, 2016 / 1:09 PM

By: Matthew Williams


Do you love listening to the music of Final Fantasy? Every wonder what the game’s pieces would sound like, if performed by an accomplished pianist? If you live in New York City or Los Angeles, now you have the chance! With less than two weeks away from its U.S. premiere in New York City, the production team behind Piano Opera: music from Final Fantasy is putting the finishing touches on the musical repertoire it’ll be showcasing to fans. Those unfamiliar with the musical series will be happy know that this is the ‘official piano concert dedicated to the music of the video game series Final Fantasy’.

First announced at E3 2015, Piano Opera is conducting a musical tour at major cities across the globe. For North America, that includes the cities of Los Angeles and New York City. While it remains to be seen as to whether the concert will stop at other U.S. cities in the future, Final Fantasy fans residing in these locations should go experience this potential ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity.

Fans unable to attend the concert will still be able to participate in a rather cool pre-event. The Piano Opera production team has setup a survey, which will allow fans to submit input regarding their favorite Final Fantasy songs. The answers will then be seen by the artists, and possibly even read aloud by the series’ very own Nobuo Uematsu (composer) and Hiroyuki Nakayama (pianist) at the concert!

Both concerts will be happening throughout the weekend of February 26th-28th, 2016 (New York City on February 26th, Los Angeles on February 28th). If you live in either of these cities, be sure to grab tickets for this momentous occasion. You can find tickets for LA and NYC at the links below.

Piano Opera: music from Final Fantasy Tickets (Los Angeles)
Piano Opera: music from Final Fantasy Tickets (New York City)

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