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Until Dawn: Rush of Blood receives New Screenshots After PlayStation VR Announcement

March 16, 2016 / 4:14 PM

By: Matthew Williams

When Until Dawn debuted in late August 2015, the PS4 sleeper hit made (positive) waves with horror fan aficionados and interactive storytelling game junkies. Since then, the game’s developer (Supermassive Games) has provided fans with incremental updates regarding new content coming out. The first major post-launch announcement involved releasing gameplay footage for a new title involving the PlayStation VR, called Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. Today, Supermassive Games posted new screenshots for that game, some of which showcased the types of enemies one could encounter.

These new screenshots come hours after Sony announced the official release of the PlayStation VR headset, slated to come out in October 2016. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is just one of fifty games currently under development for PlayStation VR. While it is unknown whether Supermassive Game’s new title will be ready for launch alongside the PlayStation VR, there is still plenty to keep one’s self occupied in the meantime. The original game is now available in stores, and takes roughly 10-12 hours to complete one playthrough.

Screenshots for Until Dawn: Rush of Blood can be found below. You can also check out gameplay for it here.


From the screenshot above, it appears as if part of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood’s environment will feature low-lit areas. Incorporating this into a VR game will make jump-scares feel that much more realistic (hopefully).


One of the enemy types appears to be a zombie nurse.


Taking on two enemies at once, in low-lit environments?! Supermassive Games really wants the player to feel frightened.

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