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U3 Music Announces Utada Hikaru as Singer for Kingdom Hearts III Theme Song

December 22, 2016 / 5:44 PM

By: Matthew Williams

In a rather unofficial, grassroots announcement, the news of Utada Hikaru being the official singer for Kingdom Hearts III’s theme song has started to spread on the internet.

Though 2016 has had its ups and downs, this recent announcement by Hikaru’s music label, U3 Music, is certain to make many fans happy. The announcement originated from a simple inquiry via Twitter from long-time KH fan, Ricardo Gutierrez, asking if the record label had an update on Utada’s involvement with Kingdom Hearts III.

You can follow the conversation below (starting with the earliest tweets at the top of the page).




For those unaware, Utada Hikaru is the famous Japanese artist responsible for singing the theme songs to Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. Both of these songs (titled “Simple and Clean” (Kingdom Hearts 1) and “Sanctuary” (Kingdom Hearts II)) have been considered by gamers to be some of the best video game ever written, so not having Hikaru back as the main singer for Kingdom Hearts III would’ve been a negatively surreal announcement to hear.

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