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Ticket Giveaway for Phoenix, AZ Concert of Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy

August 24, 2016 / 4:47 PM

By: Matthew Williams


Are you a Final Fantasy fan? Do you live in Arizona or the Phoenix area? Have you ever wanted to attend a Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy concert before? If you answered yes to all three, then you are in luck! VG Tribune is pleased to announce that we are giving away a pair of concert tickets to the Distant Worlds concert at 8 PM in Phoenix for Saturday, September 10th.

One lucky winner and someone of their choosing will have the opportunity to attend the concert in Phoenix’s Symphony Hall, where they will embark upon a musical experience unlike any heard before.

To enter, simply tell us what your favorite Final Fantasy game is, and why. You can let us know in the comments section below. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, August 31st!

Distant Worlds tickets for the Phoenix show are still available, and can be found at the link below:

Click Here for Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy Tickets – Phoenix, AZ


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Matthew, a graduate from Texas Christian University, now works as a Senior Digital Analytics Consultant for Ernst & Young. With a passion for video games (mostly retro and survival horror) and data, Matthew is pursuing a career in game analytics.

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  1. Justin Whiteaker

    What an awesome opportunity you’ve given us all to try to win!

    I’m going to have to go with Final Fantasy 12 as my favorite Final Fantasy, only due to the fact that the world of Ivalice is so fleshed out; the music you experience; the immersion that the game has for that world is just so unique and I always think about it. Even to this day it still resonates with me. It’s honestly hard to pick, but Im mostly voting for Ivalice here :)

  2. Jessie Meredith

    Definitely Final Fantay VII! It was my first Final Fantasy growing up and I was thrilled that it was 3 discs! I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I stayed the night at my friend’s house for an entire week playing it when I was a kid! Some of the best memories.

  3. Travis Bolek

    Final Fantasy VIII would have to be my favorite of the series. It’s the black sheep among fans but when I played it as a teenager it really resonated with me. I felt that the characters were fleshed pretty well (as far as videogame characters go) and I loved how open the Junction system was setup. I didn’t have to worry about traditional MP and I could set up my party however I want with whatever Guardian Forces and junctioned magic that I wanted. The graphics, animation, and music are really well done. In fact, I sometimes just start a new game just to enjoy the first hour or so. I usually end up doing a playthrough once I do that.

  4. Brandon

    Honestly, I love VIII. The characters are memorable, it gave us a great minigame in Triple Triad, and though the combat is funky I simply love the atmosphere.

  5. Lorenz De Leon

    That’s great opportunity right there!

    My best Final Fantasy game would be IX. It’s definitely underrated considering the amount of character development and expanded lore that it brings to the table. Not to mention…the likeability of the characters. There will always be something or someone you can relate to. Not to mention, this is probably one of the last Final Fantasies before the regime change within Square Soft turning to the now “Square Enix.” IX brings back the classic source of Final Fantasy plot points…bringing the life crystal back into the fray after the franchise success in using modern technology as its environment (VI,VII and VIII respectfully).

    IX is really close to my heart since it really hits home the moment the events in-game, turns its focus on the importance of memories- and how everybody’s memories are woven with each other.

    • Matthew Williams

      Hello Lorenz – congratulations on winning our giveaway! If you could check your inbox, I’ve e-mailed you with details on how you can claim the tickets.

  6. Ben S

    For me it would have to be Final Fantasy IV (ff2 in the U.S. at the time) it was the first game my older sister bought when she got an SNES and one of the first games I remember playing. Its dated by today’s standards but I love it just for the memories of playing games with my big sister.

  7. N. H.

    Final Fantasy VII. I really enjoyed the characters and I loved Chocobo racing!

  8. Ryan D

    I think my favorite game would have to be FF7 (with FF8 being a close second). Such a great story.

  9. MO ZAID

    VII! Its the game that got me hocked to FF world, and once the journey started it never ended. Aside form the amazing story line and game play in series, Noubo is a real magician! The sound tracks were masterpieces that kept ringing in my head to the day.

  10. Donna Shepard

    My favorite is XII. It’s the first one I played after regaining use of my left arm from a hit and run accident. It’s also the first one I got to play with my daughter. Just lots of wonderful memories with it, and it has one of my favorite stories.

  11. Rob R

    I’ve played so many FF games, it’s really hard to pick a favorite. VII and it’s extended story in Dirge and Crisis Core is what introduced me to the FF world. X is what got me really hooked. Honestly though, my favorite right now is XIV. Yes, it’s the MMO entry, but the game’s story is phenomenal, the OST is outstanding. I truly feel FFXIV is THE most beautiful game I’ve played. Further more, concerning the story, the main hero isn’t a character made up by Square, but the main hero is YOU. You made up the main character, named him, made his decisions, and immersed yourself in him because the main character saving the world is you.

  12. Lorinda W

    This is hard, so many Final Fantasy games are great and my favorite. However, I really really loved Final Fantasy X-2. It’s one of my favorites because after facing adversity and a shot in the dark to find Tidus again, Yuna goes on a grand adventure, doing what she wants, what makes her happy. After the hard times she faced in X she came back better than ever. It gave me hope that maybe I could come back from my hard times and have my grand adventure one day too. For me, X-2 is at the top of my favorite Final Fantasy games. (plus 9/11 is my birthday!)

  13. Aldrink

    Mine will have to be FF lightning returns. It was the first game I bought with my first pay check so I treasure it very much. I love tue characters and development of lightning as she goes around saving and helping people out. I love the combat style and the story. I deeply enjoyed the soundtrack for this game. I absolutely enjoy this game and have managed to introduce some friends to the world of Final Fantasy through it.

    I still very much love FF4 & FF5 but FF:LR holds a special place for me.

  14. Aaron

    I can’t believe this is finally in the city I live!
    Well to this might go against what the popular opinion is but Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite. I no doubt enjoy all of them but the reason this one is so special to is because it was my first solo adventure.
    Growing up as a little boy FF have always been a bonding experience between my older brothers and myself. I always enjoyed watching both of them play. The only thing is I always had to play after them. Meaning I knew everything and I did everything in my power to get to where they were, so in a sense I never really experienced one on my own.
    That was until FFVIII. My older brothers were out of the house now meaning I had no one to watch play. This was my first solo experience. I was awesome being able to experience everything for the first time. It was awesome not knowing what was around every corner. I started to have attachments to certain characters (Squall, Rinoa, Zell). Looking back the story probably wasn’t to best but it was my story and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

  15. Charles Brown

    This is incredible! :) My favorite game from the series is Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. I loved that they went back and revisited the world and brought to light some background to the original Final Fantasy VII game. I especially loved how the story showed more background about Zack and Sephiroth and their significance and relationships with the characters that were introduced in Crisis Core and how those relationships as well as the changing political and social climate transformed them. The music was well done and the game play was fun. I was very happy with the game.

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