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Three new Shovel Knight Amiibo are on the way

September 1, 2017 / 1:57 AM

By: Alex Romero

Yacht Club Games has revealed 3 new Amiibo figures for their retro inspired platformer Shovel Knight, in a video featuring GameGrumps’ Arin Hanson that can only be described as… sensual.

The new figures are of King Knight, Plague Knight, and Specter Knight, and they unlock new armor sets, challenge stages, and helper fairies when used with the Switch version of Shovel Knight. This reveal closely follows the announcement of the the game’s third and final expansion, King of Cards.

While the expansion will come out in 2018, no release date for the Amiibo has been annouced yet, just that they will be sold together as a 3-pack. Check it out in the image below!

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