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The Last of Us’ Comic Influenced the Game’s Lore

July 22, 2013 / 11:35 PM

By: Zack O'Neill


The Last of Us: American Dreams, which has proven itself to be a great four-part series so far, actually influenced the lore of the game itself, Neil Druckmann (the game’s director) at SDCC this week.

During an interview with GameInformer, Druckmann told how Ellie’s friend Riley Abel was actually created by the co-writer of the graphic novel, Faith Erin Hicks. Riley never actually appeared in the game, but was mentioned at the end. Originally when the development team was making the game, Ellie was alone when she was bitten, but it was changed to fit with the comic. Read more to see what Druckmann had to say about this in his interview.

During the last speech Ellie gives during the game, she lists off all the people that have died on this journey, and the first name she lists is Riley. She was the first to die. They were both kind of bitten at the same time, but that little snippet in the comic influenced the development of the game, because originally we didn’t have anyone with Ellie when she was bitten.

This wasn’t the only thing that the comic ended up influencing in the end, the contents of her bag in the winter chapter and the Mortal Kombat-esque arcade game Ellie describes were both put into the game because of Hicks’ ideas for the comic.

During Winter, in the game, there are a few artifacts in Ellie’s backpack and you can look at them, and you can see how Ellie got some of them in the comic. That was something that came up fairly late in development and we had to make some changes, but I felt like it really helped tie those two stories together.

As a result of all these extra things that were added to the game, Druckmann made sure to add Hicks into the credits.

The final issue of The Last of Us: American Dreams releases on the 31st of this month, and the trade paperback will be made available on October 30th.

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