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The Game Station Releases Three-Part Zelda-Western Mash-Up Video

August 7, 2012 / 9:32 PM

By: Jesse Waldack

Last week, a teaser trailer for The Game Station’s three-part Zelda-Western Mash-Up video, “Fistful of Rupies” was set loose on the Internet to mixed reaction.  Some people thought the idea was innovative.  Some though it sounded horrible.  Those who thought like me thought it sounded, “Interesting”.

Earlier today, the entire trilogy of YouTube videos was released with a surprisingly high number of Zelda references stashed away in about 23 minutes of video.  Link is as verbose as ever, “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!”, Red Potions, Gannon, Zelda/Sheik, Vie, boomerangs, and an evil-grinning moon all show up within the first 10 minutes.  I only wish the Zelda games allows for boomerang combat like this guy does.

There is even a reference to Back to the Future.

Other than the cheesy blood effects, which is understandable based on two people making a video on no significant budget, I think the videos turned out better than I had expected.  Watch the videos after the jump and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Having played Intellivision and Atari games since he was six, Jesse has not only grown up with video games, but has seen just about everything. A husband and father of three teenagers, he still tries to squeeze in a game or three when he is able.

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