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The ETHEReal String Project, Orchestral Video Game Music Arrangement Album, Now Available

March 25, 2016 / 12:54 PM

By: Matthew Williams


Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, and Mass Effect music fans will get a kick out of this recent announcement. Renowned string instrumentalists, Andrew Steffen (violin/viola/double bass) and Andrew Stern (cello), have released their group’s groundbreaking orchestral arrangement album, The ETHEReal String Project.

Steffen and Stern compose the two-man group called the ETHEReal String Orchestra, which likes to play video game music. Why only two people, you say? In a YouTube video, Steffen and Stern say that they wanted to experiment and see if it was possible to “create a believable orchestra sound with only two people.” Their experiments were eventually noticed by Josh Barren, who is the proud music arranger for the recently released album. Barren, a self-taught musician/composer/arranger, has made some significant contributions to the albums of MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed and SUCCESSOR: Final Fantasy VIII Remixed.

While Steffen, Stern, and Barren are the major contributors to the album, some of the tracks also feature the works of Resonaga, Ramon van Engelenhoven, and KayThePianist.

The album is now available for digital download on LOUDR and iTunes. Links to the album have been provided below.

The ETHEReal String Project (LOUDR)
The ETHEReal String Project (iTunes)

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