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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Playable at Select Best Buys During E3

May 27, 2014 / 12:24 PM

By: Jesse Waldack


We knew that it was coming, but today Nintendo released additional information about the “Smash-Fest” at Best Buy during E3.

Like last year, there will be two sessions where select Best Buys will have, hopefully more than one but likely only one demo station, at “more than 100 Best Buy stores around the U.S.” according to this morning’s press release.

The times this event will be held are (time zones are local time per store):

  • Wednesday, June 11 from 4PM to 9PM
  • Saturday, June 14 from 12PM to 5PM

Here is a link to use to find the nearest Best Buy to hold the Smash-Fest event.

I will try to be at the San Antonio, TX event on Wednesday.  Tell us which event you plan on going to in the comments below.

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Having played Intellivision and Atari games since he was six, Jesse has not only grown up with video games, but has seen just about everything. A husband and father of three teenagers, he still tries to squeeze in a game or three when he is able.

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