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Super Mario Run Missions and Rewards For My Nintendo

December 15, 2016 / 11:33 AM

By: Jesse Waldack

Did  you want more Platinum Coins that you can seemingly never spend?  Today’s release of Super Mario Run gives us additional missions to earn additional Platinum Coins so you can do just that.

Here are the new missions and their rewards and frequency:

  • +10 : Play Toad Rally (daily)
  • +50 : Win 3 times in Toad Rally (weekly with 12:00 AM Monday Morning cut-off, presuming PST)
  • +100 : Link Super Mario Run to your Nintendo Account (once)
  • +100 : Add your first friend (once)
  • +100 : Add 5 friends (once)
  • +100 : Add 10 friends (once)
  • +50 : Clear World 1 (full game required) (once)
  • +50 : Clear World 2 (full game required) (once)
  • +50 : Clear World 3 (full game required) (once)
  • +50 : Clear World 4 (full game required) (once)
  • +50 : Clear World 5 (full game required) (once)
  • +50 : Clear World 6 (full game required) (once)

So presuming you finish the game and add 10 friends, you’ll have 700 new Platinum Coins along with up to 50 coins weekly and 10 coins daily.

There are new items that you can buy with coins for use within Super Mario Run:

  • 300 Platinum Coins : Gold Mario Statue
  • 0 Platinum Coins : Toad (presuming as a playable character)
  • 60 Platinum Coins : 1000 Coins (now what are these for?)
  • 100 Platinum Coins : 2000 Coins
  • 140 Platinum Coins : 3000 Coins
  • 150 Platinum Coins : 5 Toad Rally Tickets
  • 250 Platinum Coins : 10 Toad Rally Tickets
  • 30 Platinum Coins : White Flower Patch
  • 100 Platinum Coins : Block E

Remember that weird distinction between My Nintendo Account Platinum Coins and Miitomo Platinum Coins?  We now know why.  Miitomo Platinum Coins cannot be used to buy Super Mario Run items.  Instead, a third set of Platinum Coins with Mario’s face (Super Mario Run Platinum Coins) are needed if you don’t have enough My Nintendo Account Platinum Coins to buy your items.

We are not yet sure what some of these items do until the games is released and we buy them for ourselves.  If the Coins and Rally Tickets are not easily acquired in the game, this is one way to get more fast.

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