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Super Mario Run Coming to iOS Devices December 2016

September 7, 2016 / 1:08 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

In what has possibly the biggest revelation from the Apple Event from today, Shigeru Miyamoto (yes, THE Shigeru Miyamoto) took to the stage to demonstrate a new game: Super Mario Run. What’s more is that it’ll be a paid app that’ll come first to Apple’s iOS devices with in-app purchases, and doesn’t seem to be part of Nintendo’s plan with DeNA as with Miitomo and the upcoming Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing titles (although this is yet to be confirmed).

Super Mario Run is up on the App Store (with a red background to boot on its page), where you can opt to be notified when the automatic runner releases. Its gameplay is simple: tap the screen to make the Italian plumber jump as he runs (hence the name), whilst collecting coins and impressing Toads with cool tricks along the way. There are a couple of modes too, including the standard one where you challenge over 100 courses one by one, and the Toad Rally where you race an opponent for a high score. You’ll also be able to customise and expand the Mushroom Kingdom too. Players can have a short go at the game before accessing the rest by paying a certain amount (possibly referring to the ‘in-app’ purchases).

So there you have it. A new Mario game from Nintendo coming to mobile. Shocking, yet was it was inevitable. What do you think of Mario’s leap to mobile games after all this time? Make sure to leave thoughts down below!

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Like many other game writers, Matthew was brought into the gaming world from a young age. He aspires to be a games journalist in the future. Oh, and he's from the UK, so there's that. He also does Nintendo Podcast System, just in case there isn't enough Nintendo on this site.

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