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State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem Review

August 31, 2018 / 5:03 PM

By: Jesse Waldack

Thanks to Nintendo Dads Podcast Patron Chad Benoist for writing the following review for State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem

Title: State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem
Developer: Sometimes You
Publisher: Sometimes You
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 8/1/2018
Reviewed by: Chad Benoist

Have you ever found yourself bored in class or at work and started to doodle and pretend the ink on the page was actually moving?  State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem brings that scenario to life in the form of a video game from Indie developer, Lapovich.  It combines original doodle style art, rock music, and a Smash TV, top-down style shooter that is full of constant action.

In Master of Mayhem, anarchy has broken out in your town, and you are the hero called to save the day.  A chaotic blend of fires, bank robberies, and alien invasions are among the challenges you will face in your adventure.  As you travel around the town, you encounter different enemies and face stage bosses of varying difficulty. To add to the action, you can also hop in cars and take to the streets to either get to your goal faster or to mow down your foes.  With each stage you finish, you collect new weapons and gain experience points which you can then use to expand your abilities. There is no lack of variety in the game to keep things fresh, and you can also go back and replay stages you have finished.

Being a top-down shooter, the controls in State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem take a little time to get used to.  You use both control sticks to move and aim.  The ability to use your right stick to both aim and fire while also moving in the direction you wish makes things easier. If you can nail down how to move in one direction and fire your weapon in another at the same time, then you should have little issue playing through the chaotic levels.  Driving a car while shooting also adds a layer of difficulty. Because of this, uncoordinated players might have a harder time playing the game. I humbly admit that I am one of them.

The graphics and the music are straightforward and lovingly original.  While some people may think the doodle art direction is a lazy shortcut, it is done well and shows an incredible amount of attention to detail.  It also adds to the childlike humor and fun the game strives for. The music matches the game perfectly and keeps you in the action.

Stages are in a semi-open world, and you can go back and explore, keeping the game from being too linear and stagnant.  This also gives the game a healthy amount of replay value. Gameplay is equally fun in both TV and handheld mode. Stages are short, clocking in at around 5-7 minutes each, and are perfect for on-the-go gameplay.  Each stage presents a different challenge and may require the patience of trying over and over until you can nail down how to knock out a boss.

If you lack patience or lack dual-stick coordination, you may want to pass on this game as, at times, you may find it aggravating.  If you prefer a good challenge or love top-down shooters, then do yourself a favor and give this one a try. State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem is available now for download from the Nintendo eShop.

Special thanks to both Lapovich and publisher New Reality Games for the review copy, and all of the listeners and readers that support Nintendo Dads.

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