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Squids Odyssey Review

July 11, 2018 / 9:50 AM

By: Jesse Waldack

Thanks to Nintendo Dads Podcast Patron Chad Benoist for writing the following review for Squids Odyssey

Title: Squids Odyssey
Developer: The Game Bakers
Publisher: The Game Bakers
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 7/5/2018
Reviewed by: Chad Benoist

Squids Odyssey is a tactical RPG that is right at home on the portable Nintendo Switch.  You command and build a team of four squids that are fighting back against a mysterious black ooze that are turning their fellow sea creatures evil.  While working on a different title for the Switch, the developers at The Game Bakers kept gravitating towards the idea that their previously released game simply titled Squids would be a great fit home and portable console.  They combined elements from all of the previous games in the Squids series to create this refined version for Nintendo’s consoles.

The game gives a fresh twist on traditional tactical RPGs.  You can select from a team of 15 different squids that fall under four classes, (Stomper/Tank, Shooter, Scout, and Healer.)  Attacks are turn-based for both your team of squids and the enemy sea creatures. Movement is accomplished by stretching the squids out and shooting them at enemies and areas of the map that is reminiscent of shooting rubber bands.  This gives combat a very interesting change as damage is caused by flinging the squids into enemies. Combos can be accomplished by ricocheting off multiple enemies, and the maps themselves provide hazards that enemies can be pushed into.  Maps do not contain grids and character movement is free-range. These mechanics together give a fresh spin to the genre and plays well with the storyline. The simple story that is told in cutscenes between missions is entertaining and brings clarity to the unusual world our squid heroes find themselves in.

The developers took advantage of the Switches touchscreen and you can transition to and from regular controllers any time during the game.  Cartoonish animation, sounds, and graphics complement the story as you meet new playable characters and enemies alike. There are over 90 missions that are short yet challenging.   The game also boasts a Pro mode that creates more challenging gameplay to levels and adds to the replay value of the game. Like many other RPGs, the squids will level up and can be equipped with newer helmets to enhance abilities.  Which makes sense due to the fact they are basically knocking into enemies head first.

From a parent perspective, this is a great game to introduce younger players to tactical RPGs.  The storyline is easy to follow and flows well with combat. The comedic dialogue is much softer than other RPGs and will be easy enough that a younger audience can follow along.  The stages are bite-sized like calamari and shouldn’t wear out children who may not like to be bogged down in hour-long missions.

If you prefer a much edgier and darker story with your RPG or a somewhat complex experience like those from Banner Saga or Fire Emblem this may be a pass for you. Players looking for a game to take on the go with you that is not a rogue or if you like simpler RPGs then take a look at Squids Odyssey. The game offers a sea of options for most players out there.

Available now in the Nintendo eShop, and is on sale until July 19th.

US $11.99 On Sale $14.99 Retail
CA $14.39 On Sale $17.99 Retail
UK £10.79 On Sale £13.49 Retail

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