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Splatoon is Nintendo’s next ‘eSports’ game

August 19, 2015 / 12:31 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

Splatoon is quickly becoming Nintendo’s latest major IP. Want proof? Well, Japan corporation, KADOKAWA DWANGO, has confirmed that it will be holding a Splatoon tournament series, with over $1 million up for grabs!

Eight cities, which are Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Miyagi, Hiroshima, Kagawa, and Tokyo, will be hosting 40  events, which will all come down to the grand finals late January next year. It will happen via Turf Wars, which is the game’s main mode. Also, players will have to duke it out in this:

Splatoon eSports truck


This means a whole lot. First of all, the fact that Nintendo now has TWO eSports games, the first being the ever-most popular Super Smash Bros.. And the prize money on offer is true confirmation big things are to be expected. I also want to talk about the mode of choice: Turf War. Now, I like Turf Wars, and is the mode that best represents Splatoon as a whole, but I don’t find it very competitive in nature. Of course it’s still a blast to play, but Ranked play is far more suited for this environment. But hey, Splatoon now has the status of a competitive eSports title, and it will be ink incredible fun to see the tactics of pro players, as well as how the scene unfolds.

Here is the site for details, but be able to read Japanese to understand.


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