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Smash Poll 2012 – This Game’s Winner Is…

August 6, 2012 / 1:07 AM

By: Roger DiLuigi III

Smash Poll 2012 has now officially come and gone. More than 1,000,000 votes were tallied up between the Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Finals and after more 345,000 votes in the Final Showdown alone, America and Europe have made their decision. The winner of Smash Poll 2012 is none other than…

Skull Kid (スタルキッド)

Even though there was only about a 2000 vote difference between Capcom’s classic 8-bit hero Megaman and the maniacal Skull Kid, in the end, the primary antagonist of the Nintendo 64 classic The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask bested the blue bomber.

While Skull Kid has been present in a number of Zelda games ranging from Ocarina of Time to Twilight Princess, his most iconic incarnation, and the one that you’ve all voted to see playable in the next Super Smash Bros. game, is from Majora’s Mask, where the forest-dwelling imp came into possession of game’s titular villanous mask. Possessed by the sinister powers of the ancient mask, Skull Kid reeked havoc in the world of Termina and used his newfound dark magic to create an apocalyptic scenario in which the moon would fall from the sky and wipe out Clock Town in 72 hours. What’s always been interesting about Skull Kid’s role in Majora’s Mask though is the fact that he plays both villain and victim: even though he’s running around stirring trouble and causing chaos, he’s not doing it of his own accord and is completely under Majora’s control. As players experienced in Ocarina of Time, underneath the Skull Kid’s evil mask lies a lonely child who wants nothing more than a friend to dance with.

In coming up with a proper way to bring Skull Kid’s wide variety of powers and appearances into the world of Super Smash Bros., we started by looking for a fighting style that would best suit the acrobatic, energetic and, under the possession of Majora’s Mask, powerful imp. That said, we didn’t have to look very far:

As a quick search on Wikipedia states, “Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of both dance and music. Created in Brazil around the 16th century, primarily by descendants of African slaves with Brazilian native influences, it’s known for quick and complex moves, using mainly power, speed, and leverage for leg sweeps and flips.” For any fan of the Zelda series, it’s fairly obvious how this style could easily translate to the frantic pace of Smash while blending Skull Kid’s famous forest dances to Saria’s Song with the power that Majora’s Mask provides for him. And while capoeira would provide a solid foundation for Skull Kid’s fighting style in the Smash universe, when incorporated with the character’s already established variety of dark magic attacks, it would allow for a move set unlike anything else seen in the series so far.

In Twilight Princess, Skull Kid primarily attacked Link using an army of wooden puppet monsters, controlled by an eerie horn instrument. This power, along with Majora’s various beam and whip attacks in the final battle of Majora’s Mask could provide the character with a special move set that is both heavy-hitting and snappy. Perhaps his move set could draw from Link’s various attacks in Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask as well. The Fairy Slingshot, Deku Nuts and Sticks, and even Deku Bubbles (the iconic attack of Deku Link), would all fit well within the boundaries of Skull Kid’s history while providing players with a taste of the Lost Woods. Heck, he could even trample opponents with Epona.

Of course, Skull Kid’s most obvious attack would be what presumably would be saved for his devastating Final Smash: Crashing the moon. After letting out his signature evil scream, the Skull Kid would unleash the full power of Majora’s Mask and send the moon crashing into the battlefield, decimating any characters unfortunate enough to be caught in its wake. And, since Link is probably being kept busy fighting the likes of Mario, Pit, and Kirby in the Smash universe, nothing stands in Skull Kid’s way this time.

So, what do you think of our ideas for your most wanted character for the next Super Smash Bros. games: Skull Kid? Be sure to continue the conversation on Twitter by following our very own editor @Rogersbase for the latest updates and by using our official hash tag: #SmashPoll2012! And, of course, stay tuned to VGTribune as later in the week we will officially announce how we plan to get the result of Smash Poll 2012 to Masahiro Sakurai and we can’t wait to share it with you all! Thanks again for all of your unbridled support and enthusiasm for Smash Poll 2012!

About the author /

Roger is probably best known throughout the “interwebs” as the man behind TopHatProfessor in the Professor Layton Twitter viral marketing campaign. Roger is a Chicago-based actor and Theatre/English graduate at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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  1. DE4DLYAssassino

    I think he’ll be a good addition and now America’s and Europe’s voice can be seen/heard from our votes

    • Letizi

      I hope you realise America and Europe were not the only extra countries that voted. Australia/new zealand etc…

  2. skullkid

    His final smash should be his transformation into majoras wrath, slap some shit around.

  3. Ness

    Any arguments as to why you claim they wouldn’t add Skull Kid?

    Or are you just having fun being contrarian?

    • djmett37

      While I must say that the ideas presented here are actually really cool, and I myself voted for Skull Kid on the poll, I don’t see him getting in. Being realistic, I don’t think Skull Kid would have won the poll if it had been in a different setting. Maybe I’m just being a Debbie Downer. I’d love to see Skull Kid in the next Smash Bros. game. Majora’s Mask is one of my favorite games of all time. I’m looking forward to seeing how they submit this to Sakurai, and what his reaction is.

      • Colin

        No, I completely agree. The Zelda newcomer, if existent at all, will be Ghirahim. The reasoning should be obvious, and the “Zant didn’t make it” arguments are incredibly weak, as Zant was not as major a character, displayed much less moveset potential, and Ghirahim is a fanbase powerhouse.

        Not to mention that Sakurai just laughs at anyone outside of the gaming industry who sends him any requests without his own prompting.

  4. TheBlueBomber9294

    No offense to any of you that voted for Skull Kid, but he didn’t deserve to win. He barely beat Megaman by under 2,000 votes and yet, he gets all the praise. They were both on the same % tile. It could have easily have gone the other way. If the poll went longer, lets say a week at least, Megaman would have won because as of lately, more and more votes were going towards Megaman than Skull Kid since more Megaman fans were finding out about this. They should show all of the votes for all ot the characters and let them know how competitive it was. Especially how competitive it was between the top 2 characters. Besides, I don’t think Skull Kid will get in anyway. Again, no offense. I’m just speaking my mind.

    • somedude99

      To be completely honest, I think Megaman has a pretty good chance of getting in regardless of whether or not he won this poll. So I wouldn’t worry.

      As for Skull Kid getting in, hey, anything’s possible after ROB. Plus, they could very well come out with that Majora’s Mask 3D remake so he would actually be relevant again.

  5. Enam

    Megaman is going to be considered anyway. Capcom said they would be fine with him in Brawl, it was just brought up too late.

  6. somedude99

    Don’t forget that he also shoots poison darts out of his flute, and he can teleport by disappearing into a trail of leaves. Those could be good special moves for him.

    • BTFlory33

      He could shoot poison darts out of his flute as his special left/right attack, and his special up attack/recovery attack could be teleporting by disappearing in a trail of leaves, similar to Zelda’s recovery.

  7. Smash101

    This really makes no sense, why put skull kid with skyward sword grapics. now i belive he will get in the way of Ghirahim, and Impa’s first apperance in Smash bros. Whats the point of putting Link, and Zelda from Skyward Sword, and skull kid and Ganondorf from Skyward sword! Makes no sense Skull Kid is just no a fit, Mr.Sakurai is really going to have to think on this one. He might as well act like he never seen this and just put the most updated Ghirahim for Ganondorf, and Impa for toon link/Sheik.

  8. Smash101

    I feel the same way about all the characters, why make it harder on yourself, by putting all these “classic”, “retro” characters you have to give a Super Smash Bros feel to. For example Megaman, a potentially big subject, I love classic Megaman, but in Super Smash Bros i can’t see it, I rather Mr.Sakurai put Megaman EXE, or Megaman Starforce series, just because the variety of moves and combos they can pull off, not to mention they would look really nice on a story line with 2013-2014 graphics. What most people have to remember is this new game is not going to look like Brawl, no, it will look even better, so the further we go the harder it will be to add these 1990 characters, but it will only be more easy and efficient with time to use the most updated characters.

  9. Gregzilla

    I’m thrilled that Skull Kid won. Majora’s Mask is an amazing game, and Skull Kid (coupled with the mask) is a great character that has a lot of potential for a playable fighter. I really like the idea of taking some moves from the final battle with Majora and giving them to SK as fighting moves.

    I think he would be a better choice than Ghirahim, because personally, I don’t think he’s that great. He has lots of personality, but his fighting style is kinda boring (just another sword fighter that can throw diamonds, wheeee), and I never really took his threats seriously. SK is crazy, immature, and sporadic, and that would make for a much more unique fighter.

    • Smash101

      Skull Kid doesn’t even fight in his only game he was big in, so what kind of unique fighter would he be, i understand what your saying about Ghirahim, but it only makes sense, Skull kid is just a Kid that wants to play and dance that has been taken over by Majora’s Mask, with no real fighting style. When I played Majora’s Mask and encounterd Skull Kid I thought he would Step to link but, instead floats in the air and if you don’t do anything he will stay there for 5 mins. It wasn’t even a fight all you had to do is play Oath Of Order and the mask comes off. Plus how would it look that this is a new era of Legend of Zelda is being mix up with someone who is from the deep ends of the past.

      • Cameron W

        Well if you have to say that he doesn’t even fight in his game look at Peach, Zelda, Luigi, Game&Watch… etc. These people didn’t fight in their games (before 2001 when they appeared in Melee) Peach was only truly able to fight after that game came out. Zelda was only a fighter in the old tv shows and possibly those horrid CD-i Zelda games. Luigi as far as I know didn’t fight until Mario 64 DS. So I personally don’t think fighting ability is relevant to Smash. If it were, Metaknight wouldn’t be the strongest character, no one but Link could beat Ganondorf, and the Pokemon would only have 4 attacks.

        • Smash101

          First of all where have you been, luigi was in Super Smash Bros 64 before melee, and ds. so he can fight, and if the character doesn’t fight they at least have to look the part. I.E. Zelda can fight because she has Triforce of wisdom which grants the weilder limitless power, Game&Watch deserves the respect he was forgotten after the G&W system , and plus in his games he uses multiple tools which makes sense for a fighter. Plus most characters in SSB can’t fight BUT their a centerpiece for all their games. For example Bowser and peach are big centerpieces for their game. Everyone in Legend of Zelda can fight, because of the triforce. Skull Kid has nothing but the mask, if anyone should be in the game it should be the Majoras Mask because it can actually fight. Skull kid on the other hand has only been in one game with the mask and doesnt play a big part in zelda over all. Plus he is old as heck 2000.

        • Koyuki Azumaya

          Peach fought in SMB2 and SMRPG, both of which were released years before Melee.

    • Smash101

      I take Ghirahim threats way more serious than SK, all he does is laugh, if thats his threat i will take Ghirahim any day.

  10. Kiki

    I love Skull Kid! I think he’d be really interesting in SSB. I hope this also makes them think more about Majora’s Mask 3D too!

  11. djmett37

    I wouldn’t say that this is a moronic request. If Dunsparce had won, however…

  12. Dzzy123

    Why does everyone want Skull Kid?! All he can really do in his game is bring down the moon. He should be an assist trophy at most. Ghirahim can actually fight for himself without anyone’s help. Megaman X would be interesting to see. He already has a moveset and people have been wanting to see him go head-to-head with Samus Aran for YEARS!!!

    The only way he would have a complete moveset is to make a random one up from scratch…

    Seriously, Skull Kid hardly did ANYTHING in Majora’s Mask. Majora was just using him as a vessel to control and played on his emotions…

    No offence to Skull Kid fans, though.

    • somedude99

      He may not have done much in terms of fighting in MM, true, but we’ve seen the same Skull Kid do things in other games that can easily by implemented as moves in SSB. For example, as the article mentions, he can summon wooden puppets to attack people with. He’s also been seen using his flute as a weapon, and he can teleport by disappearing into a trail of leaves. Those are plenty of good moves right there.

      I would also love to see Ghirahim, but he only appeared in one game. Demise, in my opinion, would be a better choice; possibly as a replacement for Ganondorf (and since Ganondorf is the future “incarnation” of Demise, technically Demise appeared in many games). Plus, he could wield the Ghirahim sword, that way BOTH of them will have made an appearance.

      • Merchiodos

        Demise wouldn’t fit in SSB4 because he has no movesets and he would just be reskin Ganondorf. In the other hand Ghirahim will be more suited then Demise becuase his the main villain in SS and he has a great moveset he can use in use. Maybe Demise should be a Boss

    • Radoosker

      Well no offense to you but Sakurai and Namco are pretty talented and come up with a great moveset for skull kid while still staying relevant to him and his storyline, and mr. Game and Watch and R.O.B. never fought before they appeared in smash bros. plus skull kid has fought in Twilight Princess amongst other games, So I think they can combine his fighting from TP, Majora’s magic as well as improving on some other moves so I think he’d be a great addition, and personally Ghirahim was my least favorite villain from zelda he also was a puppet of Demise.

      • Smash101

        There are a lot of skull kids and the one you want is from TP, its either they take TP SK or MM SK, because if he is has a mask on he wont be able to blow his flute, and this isnt meele grapics so they can’t get away with that, no offense though, i just think he wont be a good character choise for the new ssb 4, we have demise and impa i think thats enough.

  13. Shulk

    I wish I had won… but oh well. Congrats, Skull Kid.

    • Joh

      i voted for you! sadly i am only one man… i seriously hope they include the 3 protagonists from the Operation Rainfall games! I think Aeron from Pandora’s Tower would have a sweet moveset with his chain thing.

    • Radoosker

      Shulk’s got a good chance anyway so you’re okay (:

      • EtherPlumFairy

        I heard that the guys who made this poll said, “Don’t worry Shulk fans, we have a surprise for you.” So fingers crossed!

  14. Koyuki Azumaya

    There was an IP lock on the finals, and I highly doubt Sakurai has already decided the roster. I honestly think that you’re saying this because you can’t handle the fact that Skull kid beat whoever you voted for in the poll. Oh well, it’s not like I can stop you from posting whatever you want.

  15. Blue Face

    *sigh*Another big franchise that steals the opportunity to others.
    I agrre with YouDumb,hopefully Shulk will make it in.

    • YouDumb

      I’m glad you agree, Blue Face!
      I’m more than positive Shulk will playable. Nintendo talked about wanting to expand on their partnership with Monolith Soft and will want to show of their new acquisition/investment. Nintendo bought Monolith Soft because both companies share the same philosophy and ideas. They have a great partnership and want to continue to build on thag. I can only see good things for Monolith Soft under Nintendo’s wing in the distant and near future.

      Shulk will be playable, I know it!

  16. Spectator.

    @Roger: You forgot to mention that the incredible amount of support given to Skull Kid could be a nice reason to make Nintendo see that we want a Majora’s Mask 3D remake!

    And, regarding to the poll and people complaining about it: c’mon, grow a pair, you have to face the results, whatever they were. Everyone got its own unique voting opportunity, and Skull Kid is clearly most people’s choice — even if he won against Mega Man for only ~2000 votes. Hell, any of the other 7 choices would have been great, too. But this is just how it turned out and you have to accept that with maturity.

    Also, the poll was not spammed by bots (not the finals). I know there were periods where Mega Man and Skull Kid would get 200 votes in 4 minutes, I was there. However, just do a Google search and you can actually see this poll has been linked to on a large amount of websites and forums, thus the high amount of votes.

  17. somedude99

    Megaman and Zelda (especially Majora’s Mask) have unimaginably large fanbases, so the number of votes they got wasn’t surprising at all. Practically everyone I’ve shown this poll to (both online and in real life) voted for either Megaman or Skull Kid.

    What I find kind of surprising is that Shulk didn’t do nearly as well even though he won the semifinals…

  18. WolfNationZero

    I have to say I was rooting Megaman and Skull Kid from the beginning, and it does seems legit, knowing the huge fan base, let remember people, Operation Moonfall and 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 fans where voting in this poll, and it legit 100%, I been watching since from the beginning, since dunsparce troll bots, after they fixed it and put security anti bot measures, and I just both Skull Kid which was first place and Megaman which was second, have a chance to be on the next SSB games, let also remember, this people that made the vote helps developer to know the gamer taste for coming games, and even though Masahiro Sakurai said months ago, he did not wanted to add more character, but more story-line, his game fan-base depends the sales of it, and if we ask by polls certain characters, I doubt in the mind of a developer who want to please his game fan-base, to be displeased or else, I am pretty sure it will have bad sales in the market.

  19. Zak

    Skull Kid may not be relevant anymore, but he really would be an excellent addition to a Smash game. Both aesthetically and in terms of backstory, he is just an extremely cool character. Besides that, he would just fit into the game well.
    If they were to remake Majora’s Mask, I’d buy ten copies if it meant Skull Kid being playable in the next Smash bros. It’ll probably never happen, but it makes me smile to see I’m not the only one who’d love to see it happen.

  20. somedude99

    I still wouldn’t call Skull Kid a random character. He was a major character in a game that many consider to be one of the greatest games of all time, and he also appeared in other very well-known Zelda games. I’ve seen people wanting him in Smash Bros. since Melee, so people wanting him now isn’t a new thing, nor does it make Americans (who, again, weren’t the only ones who voted in this poll) “trolling lunatics.”

    Now I don’t know about “periodic vote increases in IDENTICAL amounts,” (if you have any proof on that, by all means share it) but characters like Skull Kid and Megaman reaching the thousands in the first day shouldn’t be surprising considering how popular their games are.

    That said, I don’t know why you’re bringing Tingle into this when he wasn’t even in the quarterfinals.

  21. MightyMouse

    I personally want to see Shulk in SSB4 and how he will be around other nintendo characters and his taunts and his final smash. I wanna hear him yell out STREEEEAM EDGE! BACK SLASH! against robots in the game lol. Also alot of people extremely loved Shulk and thought that Xenoblade Chronicles is the best game of all time as well. Shulk has a huge fanbase for his first appearance if im not mistaken Skull Kid and Megaman have an advantage just because they made quite a few appearances if it were the other way around i think Shulk would have over 10,000 votes on the first day official or not, bots or not. Heck just to make it fair might as well add the three of them and let online battles between the three or four (including Ghirahim) settle this arguement.

    • YouDumb

      Agreed. Shulk should be playable. Xenoblade is an excellent game.

  22. Koyuki Azumaya

    This statement is hilarious because Skull Kid is a Zelda character. What I find even more hilarious is that this is unarguably the most rational comment about this article so far.

  23. Headsnarkbump

    I was pretty pissed about Mega Man having lost until I read the bit about Skull Kid’s Final Smash being a moondrop. Yeah, that’s kinda cool, I guess.

    Please mention to Mr. Sakurai how Mega Man was a very close 2nd, though.

  24. bkupa666

    It seems as though my comment about how this poll was a sham, but how this doesn’t matter because Sakurai has finalized the roster, was deleted.

    What a shame. Judging by all these comments retrospectively declaring Skull Kid a worthy character, people would think he’s actually popular among non-bots.

  25. FireEmblemLord

    Skull kid was winner? Well, I’m not particulalry fond of him, but I don’t hate him either. Though I wouldn’t mind if he’s included in the next Smash, I’m still sure that Krom will appear(representing the new Fire Emblem), and it wouldn’t hurt to see Micaiah as playable too.

  26. bkupa666

    Keep on deleting my comment about how the poll was rigged and how this doesn’t matter because Sakurai will have already finalized the roster. I am saying nothing offensive or untrue, therefore I will continue reposting it.

    • yeahno

      Ummm… yeah. This Bkupa666 guy. Do a search for him, and you can clearly see that he is nothing more than a hardcore King K. Rool fanboy who is obviously butthurt that he lost. (And lol, check out his Youtube channel. Narcissism at its finest.)

      And ‘nothing offensive?’ He was calling the Skull Kid fans names and even going as far as to say that Americans are ‘morons.’ Nothing offensive my ass. So of course his comments are going to be deleted.

      People are going to continue to accuse this poll as being ‘rigged’ (even though they have no proof of this whatsoever) because they simply cannot handle the fact that their character lost. It wouldn’t have mattered if Ridley, Megaman, or Shulk won. People will bitch and moan. Also, there is no goddamn indication as to whether or not Sakurai finalized the roster, so it shouldn’t be stated as a fact that he did.

      My personal opinion? I doubt Skull Kid will make it in, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he made an appearance (whether as playable, assist trophy, or boss) because of the would-be recent MM remake. That is, if it’s ever made.

  27. Koyuki Azumaya

    I’m actually surprised at the little amount of votes Geno got in the poll. I guess that some of the hype has worn off since Brawl.

  28. Bio

    Skull Kid’s pretty great and all…and no offense intended to those who voted for him. But out of all the choices in the final showdown, I think the character that would best adapt to the smash universe is Ghirahim. He can teleport around (it could work like Zelda/Sheik’s teleportation). He has an awesome sword. And his final smash could be his final form. He would be someone I’d immensely enjoy using to *walk* to my opponent. Hehe. He seems like an obvious choice to me. It’s sad that he got 4th though. (I won’t lie. I love Ghirahim so much in every way.)

    Once again, no offense intended to anyone.

  29. Daniel J

    fuck you people Shulk should had won

  30. Ultraseven

    I really wished Mewtwo or Geno were in top, but at least Skull Kid is my most wanted Zelda Rep.

  31. Megas

    even though skull kid won, why not add megaman in the game with him?

  32. Servinfire

    in pretty sure almost all the characters in the final wil be in the next game

  33. Merchiodos

    I think Skull Kid is a bad idea for a character becuase he has no move sets. If fans really want Skull Kid in SSB4, he should be a boss.

  34. T

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We could of had one of several great characters with a chance to be in the next Smash Bros Game, and not only were the final results filled with all these characters (I might of liked Ridley) but now out of all of them we get Skull Kid to take up the roster!

  35. Cyclone

    Even though all the Zelda fans voted for Skull Kid because he’s in the “Best Series Ever” I still don’t think he’ll make it. Mega Man was one of the most popular Nintendo franchises of all time, and one of it’s most iconic characters in the 90’s. Mega Man also has WAAAAAYYY more potential for moves and final smashes. I personally voted for Mega Man, because Skull Kid is a weak, weak character, ESPECIALLY for a fighting game.

  36. dylan

    Im still upset Flint lost
    lol i guess new guy’s cool an’ all but still

  37. Dawn

    aw i was hopeing for Debbie to win…..but, at least it was still a character from the best video game series in the land of Hyrule!~

  38. AsukiWolf

    Skill Kid would be a great fighter. I can easily see what his moveset would be like.
    Still hung up about how Geno didn’t make first.

  39. me

    Im a fan of Zelda and Smash series but although i loved MM I reaaaally dont think Skull Kid is a good character. He appeared in only one game, the only thing he does is float, and please! He has no moveset! (The same goes with Ghrihaim, except the floating stuff) Megaman would be better, or Prof Layton. I dont really know who Shulk is, but dont call me a noob.
    Also what’s going on with you people?! Nobody voted for Phoenix Wright? Come on!

  40. James

    SKULL KID?? People chose Skull kid over freaking Megaman?? That’s insane!!

    He was an annoying Zelda villain outcast (ONE game appearance) who didn’t have many lines and was basically a vehicle for the mask itself. This has got to be a mistake, I demand a recount.

  41. Elpinchimarcos

    i dont understand why some persons says that characters like shulk are not fitting smash bros… why? because they are tall? they are to realistic? muscular? thats bullshit, if snake fits in brawl, and Heihachi, Radec, Kratos, Sweet tooth, etc. fits in Playstation all stars BR(kinda smash bros clone)… why not shulk or the Ryus(ninja gaiden/steet fighter) in smash bros? AAAND the MM incarnation of Skull Kid is fucking awesome thats why he won!

  42. qwertyuio

    If he got in it would help operation moonfall out a lot.

  43. Ian

    – Nostalgia Critic

  44. Jett

    Skull kid megaman Krystal and knuckles shadow or amy

  45. Veevenosaur

    I wish Ghirahim had won, but I’d love to see the Skull Kid in another game! I reckon he’d be really interesting as a fighter, and I’d love to see what Nintendo does with him- he’d be better than Jigglypuff, by any rate.

    But hey, Ghirahim will probably be in there anyway, otherwise some crazy fan will burn down the Nintendo building. He’d be a pretty cool fighter, a nice contrast to Ganondorf’s slow and steady approach.

  46. Banananana

    What’s better
    Being a buff monster with a bada– sword or the capability of destroying the world in one shot
    Im goin with total world assassination
    SK for the win!!

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