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Smash Poll 2012 – Semifinals

July 15, 2012 / 11:00 PM

By: Roger DiLuigi III

Last week, we told you guys that it was time for America and Europe to stand up and vote for who should be in the next Super Smash Bros. games and you agreed. After tallying up the 118,000+ votes and the more than 8,000 write-in votes from the Quarterfinal roundwe’re finally able to announce who will be competing in our Smash Poll 2012 Semifinals!

For the Semifinals, the Top 13 characters from our Quarterfinals poll and the Top 5 most requested write-ins will be duking it out. Top 13 and Top 5, you say?! That’s right. We figured that since so many more of you came out to vote in the Quarterfinal round than we initially expected, we thought it was important to throw another combatant from both the embedded poll and the write-in ballots into the mix (turning our Top 16 Semifinals into a Top 18)!

This time around, voters can only choose 8 combatants so vote wisely. Also, keep in mind that write-in votes will no longer be accepted. The Top 8 from the Semifinals will then go on to compete in our Final Showdown (where the winner will be decided)! Voting in our Semifinals ends Sunday, July 21st at midnight. Get voting! Remember, the final result will be presented straight to the director of the upcoming games himself: Masahiro Sakurai.

PS: For those of you want to follow the daily results of the poll, follow @Rogersbase on Twitter. I’ll be tweeting out updates on who’s in the lead in each night and responding to all of your concerns and comments! You can also tweet your vote using our official hash tag: #SmashPoll2012. Spread the word and your favorite character might just make their way into the next Smash!

Total Voters: 139244
Total Votes: 583052

Geno (4172 votes, 2%)

Ghirahim (62060 votes, 44%)

Skull Kid (76215 votes, 54%)

N (13470 votes, 9%)

Dunsparce (9407 votes, 6%)

Ridley (63264 votes, 45%)

King K. Rool (55132 votes, 39%)

Flint (2984 votes, 2%)

Krom (14860 votes, 10%)

Palutena (4940 votes, 3%)

Little Mac (4138 votes, 2%)

Isaac (52341 votes, 37%)

Tom Nook (15168 votes, 10%)

Shulk (76319 votes, 54%)

Professor Layton (39793 votes, 28%)

Megaman (70471 votes, 50%)

Travis Touchdown (3479 votes, 2%)

Waluigi (14839 votes, 10%)

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Roger is probably best known throughout the “interwebs” as the man behind TopHatProfessor in the Professor Layton Twitter viral marketing campaign. Roger is a Chicago-based actor and Theatre/English graduate at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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