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Silver Mario Amiibo Release on May 29th

May 14, 2015 / 11:06 AM

By: Matthew Williams

SilverMarioAs if receiving news of the wave 4 amiibo launching on May 29th wasn’t enough, Nintendo has given amiibo hunters/collectors another reason to celebrate. Fans will be licking their chops come this day, due to Nintendo’s announcement this morning about the Silver Mario amiibo launch.

Unlike its predecessor (Gold Mario amiibo), the silver version will be available at all major retailers (both online and in-store). Gold Mario was a Wal-Mart exclusive, which has caused inflation in the figurine’s resale value to reach as high as $67 on Amazon. The Silver Mario amiibo will be sold for $12.99.

No official announcement has been made regarding which stores will be taking preorders on the figurine. We will be sure to keep you updated once we learn about preorder locations.

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