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Sega, Sonic the Hedgehog Team to Celebrate Series’ 25th Anniversary with Stylish Merchandise

June 9, 2016 / 12:03 PM

By: Matthew Williams


Source: Sonic Channel

While Sonic the Hedgehog may not be as relevant in the modern gaming world as he was in prior generations, you can still count on Sega to throw him special celebrations when necessary. This includes his upcoming 25th birthday! Yes, you heard that right. The blue blur is turning a quarter of a century old on June 23rd, when his first game released on the Sega Genesis.

To commemorate this occasion, Sega will be throwing a huge party at the Joypolis Amusement Park in Odaiba, Japan. Those fortunate enough to attend the anniversary party will have the chance to obtain a rather stylish-looking 25th anniversary collector’s coin, as seen below.


In addition, attendees will be able to purchase other anniversary-related items from the amusement park, which include: t-shirts, embroidered towels, and even compact mirrors! The pricing for this merchandise can be found below.


North Americans who wish to partake in celebrating Sonic’s birthday will be happy to hear that a similar event will be held at the House of Blues in San Diego on June 22nd.  As of now, tickets are sold out to the event. Don’t fret, though – you may still have the opportunity to attend by putting your name on the wishlist.

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