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Rumor of New Sega Home Console, While Highly Unlikely, is Equally Entertaining to Fathom

June 5, 2015 / 2:29 PM

By: Matthew Williams


Let the E3 2015 rumors begin! As June 14th inches closer (the first official day for publisher press conferences), gamers worldwide will be conjuring up the juiciest conspiracy theories from any sort of ambiguously messaged media they can find on the interwebs. One of the more recently released rumors comes from the notion of Sega entering the home console market again (yes, you read that correctly).

In a recent YouTube upload by Sega of Japan, the video titled ‘新生セガグループ グループミッション映像’ (translation: Shinsei SEGA Group Group Mission video) explains the publisher’s long history and involvement in gaming by showcasing the various game consoles and gadgets it has produced. Throughout the video, poetic dialogue is expressed on the screen (in typical Japanese fashion) which relates their unique contributions to topics of ‘life’ and ‘creation’.

Throughout the last segment of the video, the sentences ‘Let’s change the game, Let’s gather our strengths, Be a Game Changer, Forever move’ flash onto screen, serving as a last reminder to viewers about their consistent (albeit, ‘diminished’ from the 1990s) influence in the gaming industry. According to several theorists, the video’s last words could be broadcasting a secondary message about Sega’s eventual return to the hardware market with a new home console.


While the rumor is highly unlikely to happen, the thought of Sega potentially reentering the home console market would create enormous excitement within Sega fans across the world. Sega’s previous failures in the home console market shouldn’t be directly attributed to poor quality or craftsmanship of the console itself. Due to poor marketing and operational decisions (like the Sega Saturn’s surprise simultaneous announcement and release during E3 1995), gamers believe a new Sega console would hold its own against the behemoths of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Another more plausible theory suggests the message is a sign of Sega entering the mobile market with some new hardware (perhaps a new smartphone?). While theorists continue to dig for the video’s true meaning, realists simply see it as a tribute to the company’s 55th anniversary.

The full transcription of the video’s dialogue can be found below.

‘Shinsei Sega Group Group Mission video’ Transcription:

Creation is Life
A history of moving experiences
Never-before-seen products
Never-before-seen services
What we really have created
Is moving experiences through our products and services.
Unparalleled ideas
Unique products no one else can create
Unique services no one else can offer
What the world expects of us
Is our pride.
Let’s change the game
Let’s gather our strengths
Be a Game Changer
Forever move

What are your thoughts on Sega’s recently released video? Is it just a tribute to celebrating the company’s previous successes, or is it something more? Let us know in the comments section!

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