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RUMOR: New “Merry-O” Suit to be Included in Mario Maker?

April 1, 2015 / 1:57 AM

By: Zac Erickson

Just ahead of the Ninendo Direct happening later this afternoon, a piece of concept art has appeared that likely is connected to Mario Maker, an upcoming Wii U title that will allow players to create their own Mario levels. While the use of power-ups from past series has been previously confirmed by Nintendo, concept art depicting the Santa-like “Merry-O” appears to suggest that new power-ups will also be included.

Nintendo of America declined to comment when asked for a comment on the leaked artwork, although Bill Trinin replied on Twitter with a winking happy face emoji, followed by a little poop emoji.


Leaked concept art of “Merry-O”, which is rumored to be included in Mario Maker for Wii U.

Regardless, rumor has it that Justin Masson, Internet darling and co-host of the Nintendo Dads podcast, is extremely excited by the rumored Merry-O costume. Expect NoA to confirm the leaked art at some point before the launch of Mario Maker later this year.

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Neuroscientist. Podcaster. Father. Geek. Zac has always preferred handheld gaming over consoles, and spent a big chunk of his youth with his face buried in his Gameboy. He has a wide range of professional interests, mostly centered on a multidisciplinary approach to improving quality-of-life, multimedia approaches to education, and the gamification of self-improvement.


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