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Rumor: Announcements for E3 2016 Releases

June 12, 2016 / 1:11 PM

By: Alexander Dominguez


With E3 in a few days, whispers and rumors are flying off around the internet about possible announcements from the expo this year. Expected surprise announcements vary from expected sequels to the reemergence of games long since unheard in development with all platforms this year predicted to announce console exclusives throughout the expo.

With Microsoft leading the charge Monday morning, rumors of Rare revealing more footage of their new IP, Sea Of Thieves, has gained traction as many fans grow anxious for the maritime multiplayer game shown last year. First seen last year at E3 2015, the first person adventure game with a heavy pirate theme, has fans of the 1990’s LucasArts point and click adventure, The Secret of Monkey Island, salivating, as the creators of Banjo-Kazooie tackle this new IP that follows players to explore, find treasure, create pirate crews and engage in ship-to-ship naval battles complete with first person ship ramming.

Sony following soon after Microsoft in the afternoon, is anticipated to release a new trailer and a potential release date for The Last Guardian. Last seen in trailer form, Team Ico has been mostly silent since last showing the game at last year’s E3. As the Sony exclusive has endured multiple development delays and technical hurdles since its premiere at E3 2009, there is a quiet growing anticipation of the game as fans wonder if the game about a boy and his giant bird, dog, and cat hybrid creature, Trico, will ever see a 2016/2017 release or a release at all as whispers of its potential cancellation continue to spread.

Nintendo’s presentation the next day is rumored to be showing more gameplay footage and potential hands-on demos of Pokémon Go following the stream of beta footage and trailers shown online in the past months. The augmented reality mobile game that has players going out in the real world capturing and training Pokémon like their game counterparts of previous Pokémon titles; has been the subject of many comment sections and message boards as information of the game and its mechanics continue to trickle from developers. Released information from Nintendo has ranged from the availability of Pokémon in certain regions of various countries, to what Pokémon will be available to capture and train from the current 721 roster across six generations. Hopefully more details will be released this E3 that will probably be followed up by future Nintendo direct presentations months after the show, as done with previous Nintendo titles.

As we inch closer and closer to E3 this week, we can only speculate and wonder what games developers both old and new alike will release to us this year, but here’s to hoping it’s not another Kingdom Hearts HD remake.

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