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Review: Uncharted 4, One Last Treasure Hunt…

May 19, 2016 / 8:37 AM

By: Akeem Bacchus


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Naughty dog is back with Nathan Drake’s last adventure, and what an adventure it is. While I won’t go into major spoilers in this review, bare in mind there is general mention of the plot, however if you have seen any trailers for the game, it is more or less the same. With that said, if you have not played the original trilogy, I highly recommend you go play them as the story will feel much more connected and bring a more complete experience.


Uncharted 4 tells the continuing story of Nathan Drake. We find Nathan retired from his treasure hunting days, in the hopes of having a normal life with Elena Fisher. Things however change quickly once Nathan’s long lost brother Sam comes back into his life, but with a catch. In short, Sam got mixed up with some bad people and owes them a lot of money. How does he plan to repay his debt? Find Henry Avery’s treasure. He can only trust Nathan on this one and he reluctantly joins along with his old pal Sully( Victor Sullivan). Without going into spoiler territory, the game is set up to show the journey to retrieve that treasure, but Naughty Dogs greatest accomplishment? Show a level of depth to these characters far more than we ever expected. The struggle for  Nathan to leave his past behind is a constant theme throughout, and more importantly, you see how these characters grow and feel a genuine connection to them. Naughty dog absolutely blew my mind with the way they continue to bring these characters to life. The incredible voice acting, darker script  which definitely took some inspiration from the Last Of Usand absolutely breathtaking visuals I have never felt more connected to characters or a world than I do with this game. Naughty dog takes these characters to another realm and I was completely invested from start to end in the 16 hours it took me to complete.

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The same Uncharted gameplay is here and better refined. From the traversal, to using the new rope swing, the gameplay in uncharted is as smooth as ever. Whenever I died in a platforming section, I knew it was due to me mistiming a jump and not the games’ responsiveness. Gun combat is improved, and taking cover feels seamless.  Combat has been improved, and the A.I. tend to act more lifelike. Enemies will flank positions, and not unless you have maneuvered your way out of sight will they forget your position. A new stealth aspect has been added to the gameplay where Nathan will crouch in tall foliage and bring up a “detect” meter of sorts to warn the player if they were spotted. Vehicles are also more prevelant in this new iteration. Controls are tight, but perhaps more astonishing is that Naughty Dog manages to make the vehicles feel like their own characters. Probably the most noticeable change is the scope of each chapter. While previous Uncharted games had more of a linear path, the game levels have more ways to get from point A to point B. This makes exploration  and collecting all the more fun. From spotting treasures, to reading journal entries, to finding optional conversations, there is plenty more story to be had in hunting down every last collectible and conversation, not to mention some of the best easter eggs I have seen in gaming.  While some have complained about the pacing towards the end,  it doesn’t add anything that feels like a chore, and the only thing that truly frustrated me, was a design choice in a particular fight which I won’t spoil here. Minor grip aside, this is Uncharted gameplay at its finest.



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When it comes to Uncharted one thing is always a given, Naughty dog will push the PS4 to the limit as best they can. On a purely visual level, this game is in another dimension. Character models are fully detailed, lighting and shadow effects in the environments are gorgeous, drop distance is stunning. This game is truly the meaning of next generation in terms of visual fidelity. It is a technical achievement in every way imaginable. Whether you are in a cinematic or playing, the graphical power of the PS4 and the finesse of Naughty dog truly shine and not once did I run into frame rate issues or freezes. Even the slightest of details are accounted for. The underwater moments particularly are the most gorgeous I have ever witnessed in a game to date. Needless to say, you would be hard pressed to find a game this polished elsewhere.


While I won’t go into major detail here, the music is what you would expect from an Uncharted game. That original score still plays throughout the game and still gets the blood bumping. Perhaps more important is the sound. The voice acting is top notch, the environments are filled with life and small subtle audio cues such as brushing through foliage, swimming underwater, and going through snow really add a sense of life to the Uncharted world.

Final Thoughts

Uncharted 4 is a masterpiece, both in storytelling and technical achievement. It is by far the most gorgeous game I have ever played, and the story is top notch.  One thing I wanted to mention is the multiplayer. This is the same multiplayer that we have seen in the previous Uncharted game. Modes like Plunder, where you have to fight to bring treasure back to your chest, are fun and mixes up the normal gameplay of traversing and shooting. Other standard modes are there as well as a trial mode which is basically an in depth tutorial of each aspect of the multiplayer. All in all it is a fun distraction, but the story is what everyone comes for. If you have never played an Uncharted game, go back and play the collection, than strap yourself in for a fitting end to an amazing cast of characters.

Uncharted 4


Final Thoughts


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