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Review: Street Fighter V

February 19, 2016 / 12:21 PM

By: Hector Rivera


After a long wait and few betas later, Street Fighter V is finally out. For the record, I really liked the beta and am a fan of the series. For a $60 game however, it has many unforgivable issues. This has been going on for a while in the gaming industry, and it should never be accepted.

Street Fighter V looks great and feels even better while you play. It’s probably the most fun I’ve had in a Street Fighter game. The characters feel great and are fairly easy to learn, when compared to previous installments.

V-Triggers and V-Skills have been added into the game. V-Triggers are power-ups you can activate for a short time. Depending on who you play as, these power-ups can even change special attacks, increasing power or adding something additional to them. V-Skills are unique to each character as well. They can be anything from a parry to a run. They are really nice additions to the game, and can change the outcome of matches you play. The EX-meter has also replaced the Ultra-meter from Street Fighter IV, and it is much better, in my opinion.


That’s all the game has going for it, unfortunately. What holds back Street Fighter V’s potential, is its lack of initial game content. As of right now, there’s no unlockable characters (until DLC starts coming out). The current roster is pretty small, considering the massive roster size from prior Street Fighter entries.

In terms of gameplay, the following modes are available:

  • Story Mode
  • Versus Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Training Mode
  • Battle Settings
  • Capcom Fighters Network
  • Battle Lounge
  • Ranked Match
  • Casual Match

This would seem like a decent amount of things to do, right? Actually, there isn’t.


For starters: the Story Mode only offers three, one round fights before concluding. While I like the static scenes’ art style in this mode, it doesn’t offer much else. I know there’s a story expansion coming in June, but then what’s the excuse for no Arcade Mode when clearly it seems like this was meant to replace it. Even though there’s an expansion coming in June, it would’ve made more sense to include a comprehensive Arcade Mode instead.

On top of that, you get experience and in-game currency (called Fight Money) for each fight you win. Fight Money is used to unlock in-game accessories, like costumes. What’s the point of obtaining this in-game currency though, if the shop isn’t available yet? There are also alternate costumes you can use in the story, but aren’t even accessible yet. Why?

Versus Mode only has PvP (Player vs. Player) and no PvCPU (Player vs. Computer). The only way to fight the CPU is in the Story and Survival Modes.

Survival Mode has no real indication as to how many matches per difficulty it has. In fact, it feels rather stale. I’m not that great at Street Fighter, and I felt like beating the CPU was too easy. I actually hoped that the CPU would beat me, at times. There are power-ups available, which can slowly replenish your life meter. But again, why is this needed? Part of any standard Survival Mode should include tiny, automatic replenishments to your life meter after every match. The most laughable thing about Survival Mode, though? The only unlockable features you get from it are alternate colors for fighters’ costumes.

In terms of online gameplay, you can fight people online via player or ranked matches. Personally, I haven’t had any issues playing online. However, not once have I been able to set up a Battle Lounge match. It constantly fails, and it seems like it is the only way you can play with friends in a private match.

This $60 game feels like a glorified demo. There is barely any content, but the game does work really well (if you’re a hardcore fighting game fan who competes in tournaments). For everyone else, this is something you should wait on purchasing, until they fix some of these problems and patch in the rest of the game.

Unfortunately in Street Fighter V‘s current state I can only give it a 4/10.

Street Fighter V


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