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Review: Inazuma Eleven the Movie

September 2, 2016 / 12:50 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

Whilst it seems that Europe is still waiting for Inazuma Eleven GO 3 Galaxy (well, the few that seem to want it (and yes, you know I had to complain about it in an Inazuma-related article)), NoE seems that it hasn’t completely forgotten about Level 5’s series. Yesterday saw the release of the first movie on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in full, and well, you may be better just seeing it on an anime streaming site like KissAnime.

Subtitled ‘The Ultimate Force Team Ogre Attacks’, it features the evil team Team Ogre as they travel back in time to Mark Evans’s (the protagonist of the series) era to ‘save the world’. And what caused the world to suffer such chaos and be reduced to the state that history must be changed? Football, or that is what the antagonist team seem to think. For the first 50 minutes the movie serves as a recap for the first season of the anime (which itself was an adaptation of the first game), with a couple of new scenes added in that involves the corporation from the future trying to interfere at many of the pivotal moments.

The movie actually starts being exciting at the finals on the Football Frontier. Eventually you will see Canon Evans, Mark’s great-grandson from the future, join the team mid-match and play instead of observing as seen throughout the film until this point. Five other characters from the other seasons/games appear too, such as Shawn and Austin. The each bring their signature techniques in movie form and we see some new moves from both teams too.

As I said, the first season is recapped for the most part until the final match, and is taken pretty much directly from the show. As such, the animation has stayed the same, and makes it seem I’m just watching the show and not a new movie. Thankfully the quality improves greatly with the showdown against Ogre, making it fit for a movie. The plot isn’t too great either. It truly is stupid and ridiculous on how everything revolves around football, but this isn’t uncommon to fans of the series. But with the most being a flashback and just 40 minutes of the 90 minute feature, you may have to question if this is enough to justify £3.59 out of your wallet. And the voice acting is just… Ugh… Like with most anime, the original Japanese voice actors are far better than those in the west, but the voice acting in this feels a half-arsed at best, and an option to switch between the two would have been great. As for the music, it uses most heard from the games, which is already pretty good, so no need to worry on that front.

So in short, Inazuma Eleven the Movie is one half recap of how Raimon came to be so famous, one half kind-of-exciting match. But with a price of £3.59 I would only recommend it to the most dedicated Inazuma fans who want at least some sort of software of the franchise on the 3DS this year. Otherwise, just watch it on an anime site for free, which has far better voice acting.

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