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Review: Extreme Exorcism

September 22, 2015 / 12:36 PM

By: Matthew Williams


Coming to all major eStores tomorrow is the hauntingly addictive pixel platformer game that is Extreme Exorcism, from Golden Ruby Games (Developer) and Ripstone (Publisher).

With a unique level design that grows organically in difficulty, a vast array of weapons to combat ghosts with, and a quirky yet simple storyline, the game is a well-balanced mix of chaotic fun that keeps gamers coming back for more.


Extreme Exorcism’s simplistic storyline is nothing too special, and that is quite alright. Enter the character of Mae Barrons, an eccentric exorcist who uses rather unconventional ‘methods’ for eliminating spirits. When a house is suddenly overrun by ghosts though, Mae’s methods suddenly become the standard for defeating them (which intelligently ties into the game’s best feature – its gameplay).

In addition to Mae’s character, players have the option to play as three others: Ace Blade, Mikoto Itako, and Sylvia Barrons. I originally played as Ace Blade, who personifies a stylish rocker with a Mohawk – perfect for kicking some ghostly butt!


The ‘bread and butter’ of Extreme Exorcism’s addictive entertainment is derived from a combination of its unique level design and using Mae’s unconventional ‘methods’ (i.e.: the creative, vast array of weapons) for combating the ghosts.

The levels are grouped into ten stages, with each stage cleverly representing a different part of the haunted house (i.e.: The Library, The Bedroom, the Attic, etc.). Each stage has a unique feature which introduces new platforming difficulties. These platforming difficulties also reappear in future levels, creating that organic level of difficulty mentioned earlier. For example: there is a stage called ‘The Cellar’ which introduces icy platforms, causing your character to slip while moving about. It also contains ice shards that act as spikes and can kill your player, a theme that was introduced in a previous stage called ‘The Conservatory’.

Each stage has five levels, which are uniquely designed but still comply around the level’s main theme. Players must fulfill a certain score for each level before the next level in that stage unlocks. For example: If a player wishes to progress to the second level in ‘The Graveyard’ stage, they must first score 50 points on the first level to unlock it.




Players score points by (you guessed it): defeating ghosts in different rounds of each level. In the first round, players start off by defeating a possessed chair. In the second round, players are then tasked with killing a ghost with a crown on its head. Every subsequent round afterward involves killing the crowned ghost, with additional ghost minions running amuck. While the main objective to completing subsequent rounds is to kill the crowned ghost, players get additional points for killing the ghost minions in the process. The crowned ghost results in ten points, while every ghost minion contributes an additional point (ten points are also awarded for defeating the possessed chair).

My favorite part of the game involved using the extensive lineup of unorthodox weapons to exorcise the ghosts. Hold off on the holy water and crosses: EXTREME exorcism involves using Harpoon Guns and Fireballs to extinguish them! Players have the ability to wield multiple weapons at once. Watch out though, as ghosts attack you with weapons you used in the previous round.

The laundry list of weapons is long, but here are a few of my personal favorites:

  • Harpoon Gun
  • Uppercut
  • Rocket Launcher
  • The Shotgun
  • Fat Gun (essentially a gun that fires off a ‘Bullet Bill’ type projectile, taking up a good portion of the screen)
  • The Staff of Doom (creates a large skull that instantly kills anything which touches it)




I had so much fun with the Uppercut that I’d yell ‘Shoryuken!’ every time it was used (Street Fighter fans will get my reference). While there are other modes of play (like Challenges and online Deathmatch), the Arcade Mode stood out to me as the most entertaining.



Minus a few minor bugs I noticed in the AI and shooting (i.e.: ghosts will sometimes stay suspended in mid-air and not attack, a few hitbox issues with some of the weapons, etc.), Extreme Exorcism is a solid and challenging platformer that many will come to enjoy. For the reasons above, I am giving this game a 9/10.


Be sure to download Extreme Exorcism on September 23rd, where it will become available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PC.

Extreme Exorcism


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