Capcom announced this morning at their press conference at Gamescom the release of a new title slated for the Xbox360, Playstation 3, and PC.

The game has been developed by Paris based DONTNOD Entertainment, and will be published by Capcom. Heavily influenced by cyberpunk themes, “Remember Me” is a third-person action adventure game that is set in a futuristic Paris during the year 2084. Where players will be able to play as a young woman named Nilin, a former elite memory hunter who is able to break into peoples minds to steal, change, or even erase memories.

Somewhere down the line Nilin herself was captured and had her own memories erased, and is now trying to reclaim her identity. As well as uncover who who stole her memories and discover why this happened to her.

“Remember Me” is scheduled for release in May 2013. You can view the trailer after the jump.

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