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2DS Replacement Screens on eBay

November 28, 2014 / 2:03 PM

By: Matthew Williams


Edit [on 12/1/14]: The price for one of these screens has jumped suddenly from $51.00 to $120.00. There is another merchant out on the web though, who is selling them at an affordable price of $42.50 (yes, cheaper than the original merchant initially mentioned in this article! You can order them here.)

For the rare percentage of gamers that have a 2DS, owners will be ecstatic to hear that some affordable 2DS replacement screens have finally made it onto eBay. The seller, popularforsale, is selling these original OEM Nintendo 2DS replacement screens for a bargain price of $51.99 (free shipping included). A link to the item’s page can be found here.

While $51.99 might seem like a steep price, keep in mind that 2DS replacement screens are rather difficult to come across. The only other sellers on eBay, who have these in inventory, are international merchants. But the cost of a screen plus international shipping (about another $24) could leave a rather deep hole in your wallet. The total price for a replacement screen when shipped internationally is around $84.


For the game techies and tinkerers who are looking to save some money and find an excuse to not scrap their old 2DS system, look no further. If you are on the fence about buying a screen and attempting to replace it yourself, fear not: there is a detailed ‘How To’ video on YouTube (made by ConsoleZombie) to walk you through the process.

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