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Quake Champions Announcement Shows Revived Interest in Arena Shooters

June 12, 2016 / 10:54 PM

By: Matthew Williams


If there were an award for reviving nostalgic games and moments, Bethesda would be the recipient of it. After releasing DOOM last month, the publisher shocked the world during its E3 press conference today by announcing a new arena-shooter in the works, called Quake Champions.

Those who have played the DOOM multiplayer criticized it for trying to be too much of a slowed down Quake-type clone, with Call of Duty style loadouts. Fans of arena-style games should now be satisfied (at least for a while) with the teaser trailer that was just released. With this major announcement and DOOM‘s attempt at making a fast-paced multiplayer mode, a resurgence of interest in arena-style shooters may well be emerging.

Quake Champions is slated to be a PC-only title, and was announced to have a 120-FPS uncapped framerateThat. is. PC Master Race.

More information about Quake Champions will be announced at QuakeCon 2016 in Dallas, TX.

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