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Pokemon Mega Evolution Poll Results from Diancie Event Code Giveaway

February 16, 2015 / 4:41 PM

By: Matthew Williams

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The Pokemon fanatics have spoken – Dragonite is the most desired Pokemon that fans want a Mega Evolution for in future games!

Throughout our Diancie Event Code Giveaway contest last week, fans overtook the comment sections of the VG Tribune website and Facebook page to passionately express which Pokemon they’d like to see receive a Mega Evolution in future games. While Dragonite received the top honor (7.23% of all entries), there were several others who finished close behind. Arcanine, Flygon, and Luxray were all second place finishers, each receiving 4.82% of all entries. Other noteworthy candidates included (but not limited to): Raichu, Milotic, Hawlucha, Infernape, Crowbat and Skarmory. The total results of the contest can be seen in the chart below (click the image to enlarge).



The results from the chart above were all Pokemon that were called out specifically by name in the comments. There were also comments that included various ‘groupings’ of Pokemon which fans would like to see have Mega Evolutions. For example: several fans mentioned they’d like to see all of the ‘Johto Starters’ (i.e.: Typhlosion/Feraligatr/Meganium) or ‘Eeveelutions’ (i.e.: Jolteon/Vaporeon/Flareon/Umbreon/Espeon/Glaceon/Leafeon/Sylveon) receive Mega Evolutions.

To prevent any skewing of the data, it was decided to separate the findings into two different data sets. This ‘grouping’ data offers some interesting additional insights. It could be said that fans would like to see these specific Pokemon groupings receive Mega Evolutions all at once. While some fans also called out some of these Pokemon by their specific name (i.e.: Feraligatr and Typhlosion were each called out individually, but each only received 1.2% of all entries), the amount of entries were never enough to seriously consider them as candidates to receive a Mega Evolution on their own individual reputation alone.

We have already seen Nintendo loosely follow this trend. With the recent release of Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, the remainder of the Generation III starters (Swampert/Sceptile) received Mega Evolutions. In Pokemon X/Y, all of the Generation I starters were given Mega Evolutions. Fans hope it’s just a matter of time until the Generation II/Johto starters receive theirs. There are already other articles out on the internet, foreshadowing the Generation II Mega Evolutions for some time in 2015.

When the next iteration of Pokemon comes out (whether that be Pokemon: Delta Diamond or Pokemon Z), you can bet that we will be coming back to this article to see if the results align with the Mega Evolutions brought out next by Nintendo. It will definitely be interesting to see the correlations.

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