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Pokémon Direct Announced for Friday 26th February

February 24, 2016 / 4:41 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

You heard it folks! A brand new Nintendo Direct is heading our way THIS Friday! Yes, this Friday at 7 AM Pacific Time, 10 AM Eastern and 3 PM UK time (go here for other time zones, sorry!), a Direct themed around Pokémon will be airing, yet sadly, I’ll still be in school…

Moving along, this is the first Pokémon-centred Direct we have had for a good while, with the last one being back in 2013 near the launch of Pokémon X and Y. But of course, the one that springs to mind was the one at the start of 2013, on January 8th, as it was the official announcement of the Generation 6 games, being the aforementioned Pokémon X and Y. So it begs the question: what will they be showing off?

It’s worth taking note that this Direct will only be 5 minutes. Just the five. That leaves a good amount of time to start with a reel of sorts, either quickly celebrating the franchise’s 20th anniversary (as it is the following day) or showcasing the upcoming games starring the pocket monsters, or both. Then the meat of the presentation should come in. The big, Wailord-sized news that’s going to leave every person on the face of the earth waiting in anticipation for. My PokéDollars are on the reveal of the seventh generation of Pokémon, as something this grandiose really does deserve its on presentation. And the time is right, by the time it releases (presumably this Holiday season) it will be three years after the games starring the Kalos region were released, which is the typical time frame between generations.

Another likely bet is a Pokémon Z reveal, seeing as it is expected to come out if this generation follows previous trends. And besides, I would love a new reason to delve back into to the Kalos region. Other than that, Pokémon GO can be put on show (although that may be saved for GDC), Detective Pikachu could be given the green light to come over to the west, or maybe future DLC for Pokkén Tournament! In the mean time, how about you re-watch the moment Pokémon X and Y were revealed?


Regardless, it truly is a good time to be a Pokémon fan, and this Direct is sure to add to the celebration of the franchise’s landmark 20th anniversary.

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Like many other game writers, Matthew was brought into the gaming world from a young age. He aspires to be a games journalist in the future. Oh, and he's from the UK, so there's that. He also does Nintendo Podcast System, just in case there isn't enough Nintendo on this site.

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