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Pikachu now talks in the latest Pokémon spin-off, Detective Pikachu

January 26, 2016 / 5:23 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

Detective Pika!

Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Partnership, which has been dubbed Detective Pikachu by western fans, will vastly differ to the main series.

Earlier today, a new trailer from The Pokémon Company was shown off, but not the Pokémon Z announcement most of us were waiting for. Detective Pikachu, known as Great Detective Pikachu: The Birth of a New Partnership in Japan, is the latest in the immense roster of pocket monster spin-offs, with this one focusing on a ‘smug, talking, loveable detective Pikachu’ as he teams up with a young boy to solve crimes. This was actually first shown off just over two years ago, where early beta pics showcased detective-like gameplay and the yellow mouse mimicking facial expressions of real people. The latter was not a pretty sight. Check out the full trailer, along with Pikachu’s unusually ‘mature’ yet awesome voice, below:


The title will be arriving VERY soon in Japan. Coming as a download-exclusive on the Nintendo eShop in the country, pokéfans will be able to start this new adventure on the 3rd of February, which is only just a week away. The price is welcoming for this platform, going at ‎¥1,500 (1,500 yen), which is the equivalent to $12.50 over here in the West. But until the 29th of the same month, it will only be ‎¥1,200, equal to a mere 10 dollars. With no news of localisation, Pokémon fans are sure to be hoping that they can fully enjoy Detective Pikachu later on in the year to coincide with the franchise’s 20th anniversary. And hopefully Christopher Robin Miller, the voice of Professor Layton, will be taking on the role.

In other pokénews for those in the UK, Pokkén Tournament is up for pre-order from the Nintendo Official UK Store. Releasing on March 18th, it will come with a Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card, granting you access to the character early on in the game. Not only that, a Pro Pad controller specifically for this game is up for £19.99, which should be on the lookout for any competitive players wanting a smooth and comfortable time. The game by its own is £50 (a bit on the pricey side), but getting it in a bundle with the controller will be just another ten pounds.

Pokkén Tournament + Shadow Mewtwo amiibo Card + Pro Pad Controller

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