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NYCC: Flavor Monsters – Free Android and iOS Game

October 14, 2012 / 3:05 PM

By: Will Thompson

When an organizations like the Truth decide to release a game, it is hard not to pay attention. Especially if their game is free. Flavor Monsters is a app that tries to inform people about the tobacco industries trickery in trying to lure young adults into trying their products with flavors. A law was passed sometime in 2009 that outlawed the use of flavors in cigarettes, but it didn’t outlaw flavors from being put into various other tobacco products.

Flavor Monsters are those flavors used in tobacco products. Which is why it makes this title very interesting to play. Each flavor has a certain ghastly looking creature that ranges from a tentacle beast, to spider looking arachnids. The goal in this game is to stop these monsters from reaching your strong hold. That’s right, it is a ‘defend the castle’ game, and you have an arsenal of lasers and weapons to choose from. Basically you tap and touch the monsters on the screen to either destroy and repel these creatures over 5 different levels. All of which are places in the United States; California, the Upper Midwest, the Lower South, Upper East Coast, and finally the Capital.

There is a level of replayability in this app which gives it some life. You can collect coins to upgrade weapons, buy consumable tools, and replay levels to try and get the best score. The game is challenging on a small screen, but looks amazing on a tablet. Playing on a tablet also gives you better control over the cross hairs, and allows you to focus more on the monsters. While this app may be seen as propaganda, its still a free game that has some nice graphics and decent sounds. If you have a tablet, why not check it out.

You can download the title by clicking on the following: iOS version or Android version.

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