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Nuka-Cola Quantum Sold Out in Many Target Stores

November 10, 2015 / 2:19 PM

By: Matthew Williams

NCQuantumThe single-most erratic product launch for a bottle of soda just kicked off today, with the release of Nuka-Cola Quantum in North American Target stores. Coexisting with the launch of Fallout 4, gamers were stoked to get their hands on this post-apocalyptic drink alongside the game. Unfortunately, there are many reports of Target locations selling out of Nuka-Cola Quantum within minutes of the store opening.

With customers expecting Target to have plenty in-stock, interested buyers are reporting that stores were given stock in counts as low as four. The largest reported inventory so far for a store has been 24. A sales representative at my local Target in Austin, TX said that only two stores in the entire area had gotten the count of 24, with the remaining area stores receiving less than that.

To make matters worse, there have also been reports of Target employees purchasing the remaining inventory to sell on sites like eBay. Doing a simple search for ‘Nuka-Cola Quantum’ on eBay will return listing after listing of absurdly marked-up product, with the highest reported price being $150 for a single bottle.

NCQNeedless to say, Fallout fans are enraged by the lack of Nuka-Cola Quantum supply. While there has been no official word from Jones Soda Co. (creator of these beverages), Bethesda or Target on whether a restock will happen, it is safe to assume that it won’t. Be sure to express your frustration with these companies on social media. Who knows – maybe enough customer complaints will cause Target to issue a restock of this highly sought after soda.

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Matthew, a graduate from Texas Christian University, now works as a Senior Digital Analytics Consultant for Ernst & Young. With a passion for video games (mostly retro and survival horror) and data, Matthew is pursuing a career in game analytics.

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  1. Mortal Pixel

    Target is the worst, I couldn’t even get a bottle for friend.

  2. Josh Wilkins

    Waited for an hour and a half with no line. Four people pulled up about five minutes before they opened and one came in directly behind me, I asked where the aisle was that they were supposed to be on and a girl answered me and then the guy said that they’re not for sale now so I left. I get out to the car and think for a second and notice that all the people that have gone in after me still haven’t come out yet. So i go back in to the electronics counter and the guy in front of me bought the last one. This all happened in a period of five minutes. I’d really like to know how many of those bottles were bought by employees and flipped. Maybe the managers of locations should be informed so they can make judgements from there. Cause if there was only one per customer, that means there were four sold and eight were taken by employees. That’s absolutely ridiculous.

    • Matthew Williams

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Josh. Hopefully Target will be better prepared to handle this if another shipment of these go out.

  3. Jill

    These were an in store only purchase but every target in my surrounding area had the exact same thing happen. They never even hit the shelves. Some guy purchased them all online for in store pick up and nobody in my city but him got any. He’ll be making a small fortune and it just sucks because I just wanted 2 for my kids.

  4. Mia

    If these jerks think they can make one red cent off of me on ebay, they are on a bad trip. I wish a boycott could somehow be put in place so these twits couldn’t make a dime off of us.

    • Matthew Williams

      Good news, Mia! Looks like Jones Soda Co. made a statement on Twitter indicating that more Nuka-Cola Quantum may be on its way! Simple supply and demand – get more into the store, so the scalpers can’t justify charging $100 for a single bottle.

  5. Cassie

    I feel bad for my Fiance because he wanted one, but there’s no way I’m giving ebay vultures $100 or more for a bottle of soda pop! I’ll just see if I can make something similar for him.

    • Matthew Williams

      I was contemplating posting this possible alternative in the article, but decided against it. Now, I’m thinking it may save people hundreds of dollars!

      So the base soda bottle is actually the Jones Soda Co. ‘Berry Lemonade’ – the only difference between this and the Nuka-Cola Quantum bottle is the label. At the end of the day, the only thing that someone needs to do to ‘replicate’ this product is to create a similar ‘Nuka-Cola Quantum’ label and slap it on the ‘Berry Lemonade’ bottle (which still sells at regular price on the Jones Soda Co. website!).

      • Jill

        Thank you for the great idea! My kids won’t know the difference and they’ll get a cool collectable bottle for their shelf.

  6. Casey

    These were hard locked in the system so they couldn’t be purchased before store opening on 11/10, and even the store manager cannot override this. It is against target policy for employees to purchase anything until it has been on the Salesfloor for at least 15 minutes, and that is a rule all Target stores take extremely seriously. If you purchase anything against team member purchase guidelines it is an instant termination.

    My store received 24 bottles. We had 6 people in line when we opened, we limited them to one per person, we did not fullfil online orders for them, and they were sold out by 8:30.

    That being said, not all stores limited them. It’s up to each store if they limit certain items and a lot of stores may not have had a staff who knew what it was. My opening manager hadn’t even pulled them from the back until I got there and said they needed to be ready immediately when stores opened.

    I wanted one, but I was working at the time we opened and you have to be off the clock to make purchases, so I didn’t have the opportunity to get one.

  7. McQuiznos

    I’ve heard heard 2 things. Target employees buy them out, or some unlucky person sees an asshole walk by with 10 in there shopping cart. To say the least its bullshit that they would only sell less than a dozen per store and than not regulate it. I planned buying one for me, my girlfriend, and one for our friend at gamestop.
    Hopefully they do follow through with a restock.

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