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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Officially Supported on Steam

May 2, 2018 / 5:41 PM

By: Zack O'Neill

As of today, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller now has full support and customization options through Steam. For a while now, people have been using their Pro Controllers on PC games, but they would have to customize it like a generic USB controller without any of the added benefits that the Switch controller offers. According to the official announcement article posted by the Steam Controller team, all you have to do is opt into the current Steam beta and activate “Switch Configuration Support” right under the options for PS4 and Xbox One controllers. Having this enabled allows you to have access to the built-in gyroscope featured by the Pro Controller for whatever games you want to use gyro controls in (Doom, Wolfenstein, etc.) as well as a Nintendo-specific button layout that acts as a global switch.

Anyone who has tried to go back and forth between a Nintendo system and a Playstation or Xbox knows that the button layout is reversed, so it can be a hassle trying to get used to either one. If you prefer the Nintendo layout with your games, you can go ahead and use the new option and everything will become easy again. Whether or not we’ll see Joycon support on Steam is TBD.

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