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Nintendo Shows Old 3DS To New 3DS System Transfer On YouTube

February 9, 2015 / 9:33 PM

By: Jesse Waldack

The first thing I thought of back when the *new* Nintendo 3DS was announced in Japan last year when we found out that it used MicroSD cards instead of full-sized SD cards was, “How are we supposed to transfer data?” since I once performed the system transfer from my launch 3DS to a 3DS XL back in 2013.  The transfer at that time required physically moving the SD card from system to system between some file copies to move on-system data to SD card and to copy them onto the new system after the card has been moved.

When the *new* Nintendo 3DS was announced in North America last month, they had said that they would release information on how to perform a system between the original 3DS and the new system at a later date.

That day is today.  Earlier this afternoon, Nintendo posted a video on YouTube that shows the process to perform a system transfer between old and new models of Nintendo 3DS.  The video is below for your viewing pleasure…

I have my 32gig class 10 MicroSD Card ready to go.  Are you going to buy the *new* Nintendo 3DS?  Do you have an older system that you plan on transferring?  What size MicroSD card have you bought, or do you plan on using the 4gig card that the system will come with? Have any other opinions on the process?  Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Dale Kelley

    My 2ds screen is destroyed, this is perfect.

  2. Nate York

    I’m dying to know if I will have to update my firmware to the latest version or not on the old 3DS to do the transfer.

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