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Nintendo Podcast System Ep. 9 – Please Understand

July 27, 2015 / 5:15 AM

By: Matthew Gibson


As the old group gets back together, we discuss a lot of games, including Matthew’s experience at Hyper Japan 2015. Plus, we also share our memories of Nintendo’s late president, Satoru Iwata, in tribute to his untimely death a couple of weeks ago. There’s a special tribute video at the end, which can be viewed on the podcast’s YouTube Channel. I’m very sorry that this was put up much later than it should be, but better late than never! Hope you enjoy this one!

Also, let me personally welcome you to the podcast, as we recently came on the website. You are able to view every episode on the site, or download them from iTunes. We have a Twitter and Facebook page, and make sure to send feedback to

Matthew – (@acegibbo)
Jack – (@Gawny7789)
Sam – (@samspade_uk)
Jason – (@Oni_Baloni)

Opening – Balloon Fight, bonus round (
Break – Balloon Fight, stage clear (
The ending is my own tribute video, found on Nintendo Podcast System’s channel.

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Like many other game writers, Matthew was brought into the gaming world from a young age. He aspires to be a games journalist in the future. Oh, and he's from the UK, so there's that. He also does Nintendo Podcast System, just in case there isn't enough Nintendo on this site.

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