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Nintendo Gives Information About Wii U’s WaraWara Plaza and Wii U Chat

November 7, 2012 / 12:16 PM

By: Jesse Waldack

Early Wednesday morning, Iwata hosted a Nintendo Direct for his Japanese audience showing additional information about Wii U’s WaraWara Plaza and Wii U Chat.  Shown in the video above is the first Wii U Chat, albeit scripted with noticeable delay due to distance, between Iwata and Reggie.

Additional information was released in the Japanese Nintendo Direct, including an unboxing from Iwata, himself.  If additional videos in English gets released from this Nintendo Direct, I’ll post additional articles to share this information.

Plans are in the works for one of us to make an unboxing video.  I won’t be getting mine until the 20th or 21st, but I will shoot and post a video if no one has gotten to it before me.  So it may not be launch-day, one will exist.

Are you getting a Wii U at launch?  Has any of the recent news changed your mind about getting one lately?  Let us know in the comments below.

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