The Nintendo Direct that I stayed up late for last week, that never came, was finally released this morning titled “Nintedo Direct Mini”.  This video has Reggie giving an introduction followed by the same video that was shown in Japan last week, translated in English, with the updated date and pricing. Then Reggie comes back to wrap things up to talk about expected release of additional content.

The first three level packs, which range in difficulty from “coins everywhere” to “veterans only”, will be released in North America on October 4th, for $2.50 each.

Additional level packs will be available near the end of October and the end of November.  Additional information about these future packs, other than their existence, is not yet known.

Your game needs to receive a spot pass notification before it will allow DLC purchases.  So if you are interested in these additional levels, make sure that you have Spot Pass on today.

Are you interested in any of these DLC packs?  Let us know in the comments.  I may get the first one and will likely pass on the other two.

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