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Nintendo Direct incoming 3rd March 2016!

March 2, 2016 / 4:58 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

You know it! Even though it has been just under a week since the Pokémon Direct that officially announced that Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon were to be released this holiday season as the newest generation, Nintendo is back at it again with the Directs! Yes, tomorrow at 2 PM Pacific, 5 PM Eastern, and 10 PM GMT (click here to find the time in your time zone), we will be boarding the Nintendo Direct hype train once again! It begs the question of what exactly is to be shown off, however. Mother 3, Zelda U, Metroid Prime… sorry, Federation Force, not a proper instalment. Regardless, it is certainly to be quite a show!

Another note is that Kimisima said that the format of the Nintendo Directs will change this year, so will this be put in place now, later down the line, or perhaps they’ll just stick to the current formulae? Who knows, and that is exactly the kind of hype these broadcasts bring! As with last time, I will be doing my overview on the Nintendo Direct. But in the mean time, read through my thoughts on the last Direct (not the Smash one, mind), and if I recall it was a great return to form for the platform:

Nintendo Direct 12/11/2015 – My thoughts

Oh yeah, I have also created a bingo card, so you can mark off whenever something pops up! Bear in mind that this is mainly aimed towards the European Direct, but there shouldn’t be too much stuff that has been left out of each other.

Nintendo Direct March 2016 Bingo

And with that, I hope you enjoy the Nintendo Direct, and happy gaming!

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