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Nintendo Direct 3.3.2016 – My Thoughts

March 5, 2016 / 1:33 PM

By: Matthew Gibson

And the time has come yet again! I will be offering my thoughts on the most recent Direct that just aired a couple of days back. And I have to say their execution of the Direct was much smoother this time round. Games had a nice flow in between them, with the ‘directly’ gesture to boot! Although, I think they still need a bit more work announcing new titles in my view, as in showing the trailer first and then discussing it, which will be more exciting. I will be referring to the European broadcast in this article, but for readers across the pond, you haven’t missed out on anything special. So with that, and the EU Direct below, let’s get started!


Star Fox Zero was put on show first, and good news! Despite rumours, the game has not been delayed! It is still on track for April, the 22nd to be exact. Miyamoto’s latest title has shaped up to be a true treat for fans of Star Fox, with pretty visuals and even more branching paths from the sound of it. The teleporters have me most intrigued however, as not only do they impact the branching paths, but also the storyline! I’m very interested to see how this turns out. Co-op also seems good, to have at least, but that time really should have gone towards a true multiplayer experience, along the lines of Assault. Star Fox Guard was finally shown off once again, and… wait. You’re saying this was when Star Fox Guard was announced? Well, you’re a mix of right and wrong, since this was under the code name Project Guard when first revealed two E3s ago. Getting back on track, it actually looks really fun! This certainly seems like a tower-defence kind of game, but the distinctive element of only allowed to shoot from one screen at any one time, in addition to becoming more involved, has certainly caught my attention! Oddly enough, this will be its own stand-alone game on the eShop, even though it would have made the core Star Fox game much more appealing to me personally. Regardless, you can get both, and a steelbook cover, with the first print edition of the game, as pictured below. So in short, it does look more appealing, yet I need a bit more convincing to get this on launch day.

Star Fox Zero First Print Edition

Splatoon is up next, and the Turf War ain’t over yet! An upcoming update will improve matchmaking within ranked battles, upgrading certain abilities to make them more appealing, and adding to the Splatfests, with the last one catching my attention the most. But wait, there’s more! There will be brand new weapon sets dubbed ‘Sheldon’s Picks’, with a logo in reference to the big N’s Seal of Quality to boot! This all sounds great, with more to come down the ink trail, but I was really hoping for some DLC plans for maps and the like, be it free or paid. I would have loved it to finally be paid in a certain way, as I really want to show my support for all of this extra effort the game has, but the fact the game has sold over 4 million may be enough to compensate for this.

The Wii U version of Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (the titles in this series are always so long) will be aiming for first place in your games list this year on 24th of June, and its opening movie was shown off alongside it. It truly looks like a true Mario and Sonic game unlike the most recent instalments, but time will tell if it’s any good. However, judging from the 3DS version it certainly seems to be holding up!

It’s time to get making courses once again with Super Mario Maker’s next update. In addition to adding the Super Expert mode on top of the already challenging Expert mode on the 100-Mario challenge, they will be putting in spike pillars, keys and key doors, and pink coins. The keys have me the most giddy, seeing as they will unlock new ideas for courses. I have one in mind right now as I’m writing this! Furthermore, the fact over 6.2 MILLION courses have been uploaded to the servers is just crazy, and I’m loving the continuous support this unique Mario title is receiving.

If you don’t like anime or anything along that line, you may want to skip ahead, as I will be talking the Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem game, that features RPG elements and J-Pop, for some bit! Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (its western title) has finally gotten a release date for June 24th, which is a solid release window for this kind of game in my opinion, and I have to say I can’t wait to play this game! It has been called a JRPG masterpiece over in its home country. What caught my eye is that the voice cast will still retain its Japanese voice cast, a wise decision, as it would be hard dubbing over every song, and for a game like this it may sound a bit awkward with English voices over it! I’m hoping for a special edition too like Japan, yet I’m broke for money at this moment so I’m kind of not!

So remember the Paper Mario rumour from a while back that stated a new one was coming for Wii U? Welp, turns out it was true, though to everybody’s demise, it seems to play like Sticker Star instead of the arguably superior N64 original and Thousand Year Door. Paper Mario: Color Splash seems to take inspiration from the 3DS adventure, but its unique concept of the colour vanishing from the environment and you having to fill that in (or at least within the scope of the franchise) is quite cool. Battling seems a bit unclear at the moment, however there does seem to be room for strategy. Say what you want about it, but there’s no denying this game is downright gorgeous. B-E-A-UTIFUL!

Hyrule Warriors Legends also had its fair time in the Direct spotlight, although there was a bit more than I was expecting. Sure, we already knew you could transfer the characters from this port to its graphically better version on the Wii U, but the announcement of four MORE DLC packs caught my off guard! I mean, this is a game that was supposed to incorporate the DLC from the original with just a bit more, and whilst this is great and all, just how much content can this get?! With Medli being offered for free alongside the first pack, there’s not much complaining. That is if Groose doesn’t become playable…

Level 5’s Yo-Kai Watch was next on the list, with the reminder of its release on April 29th, and Satoru Shibata dancing, which just made the Direct! I was so glad that they have embraced this crazy and wacky side of Directs once again! A word of warning however: you may experience exponential amounts of cringing, and Yo-Kai may be why:


Disney Art Academy was revealed, and I couldn’t care less. That is, if it wasn’t for a leak a couple of weeks ago that outlined Nintendo’s 3DS releases for 2016, in addition that the NX will be arriving this year with Zelda U, and Disney Art Academy was on it as well! So if anything, I’m excited for its announcement as the codename ‘N-Stars’ will actually mean something!

I’m glad they took a good amount of time to address concerns regarding Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Even though it still hasn’t calmed down the anger of many fans of the beloved franchise, I, for one, am looking forward to it. That said, I have never played a game starring Samus, so I can’t really speak for a whole different community. But from what I’ve seen the producer, Kensuke Tanabe, has poured a lot of passion and effort into it, and in terms of gameplay it seems to be paying off! The art direction is questionable, yet I don’t mind the more ‘chibi’ style myself, but the aspect of being able to choose various roles like that of an RPG as my very interested. It seems to be a distinct multiplayer co-op experience that Nintendo will be releasing, so I am more than excited to hear more from it!

Bandai Namco’s cooperative dungeon explorer, LOST REAVERS, was also talked about too. If anything I will check out the open beta on April 14th, but I’m not entirely bother by it. Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, as well as the third-party and indie games, fall into this category too, sadly. Dragon Quest VII is another that I’m not very keen on, but I’m glad fans of the series will finally be able to play.

One of my highlights from this Direct was the release date of Fire Emblem Fates. One of my biggest disappointments from this Direct was the release date of Fire Emblem Fates. It’s nice that we know when it’s coming, alongside an improved special edition that comes with a steelbook cover and poster. But that day won’t be coming until May 20th. All the way in MAY, even though America got it a couple of weeks ago. And here we are waiting three extra months to get our hands on it. It’ll be worth the wait, but I have exams in that time Nintendo!

Fire Emblem Fates EU...

It was agony when I first saw this. WHY?!

Calling all Monster Hunters! The critically acclaimed Monster Hunter X, or Generations as it is being called over here, is coming this Summer! The game has also sold like hot-cakes over in Japan, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect the same kind of success over here! I need to play a bit more of MH 4 Ultimate first before I feel like I have a good feel for the series, nevertheless, the fact it is apparently more accessible and combat heavy the its previous iterations, and the inclusion of a Marth costume, does have me excited somewhat!

Speaking of localisations, the latest Rhythm Paradise game is coming over to our shores later this year under the name Rhythm Paradise Megamix (or Rhythm Heaven for those outside of Europe). With 70 games from previous entries and 30 completely new ones, this will certainly live up to the name of ‘Megamix’! I got the Wii instalment last year, and if the 3DS compilation turns out to be more fun than this one, which is very likely, then I, alongside other fans of the rhythm genre, will be in for a treat!

But the one to steal this presentation from me is someone who normally sucks. If you don’t understand what I mean by this, I mean none other than Kirby! I have always liked Kirby games, so the reveal of a new one was music to my ears! The ability to go into a pretty big mech seemed just OK at first, until I saw it also had the pink puffball’s power to copy the powers of enemies too, which I’m hoping will make for a more diversified mechanic than Triple Deluxe’s Hypernova mode. The minigame, Team Kirby Clash also looks fantastic, taking inspiration of the typical RPGs with different classes like a Beam Mage to create a fantastic experience, by the looks of it at least! What’s more is that the franchise will be getting its very own amiibo line too, with Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Waddle Dee! This announcement was made even better by the fact all of this will be available from June 10th!

And that is all they had to show off. In some ways, it was less exciting, but none could simply compare to Cloud’s announcement. For the most part, it was still great! They have seemed to regain their flow for doing this, as last time felt just a tad awkward. There were rare moments I wouldn’t be paying too much attention, but on the whole Nintendo kept us surprised with everything they talked about (for me at least), and it has lead the way for what will be a great year for Nintendo! If these 2000 words wasn’t already enough for you, you can check out an episode of Super Nintendo Podcast System where Jack, Sam and I discuss the Direct in great detail, and that should be up within the next day! The link to the article will be just below when this does go up. Make sure to leave your thoughts on this Direct, and happy gaming!

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