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Nintendo Deluxe Digital Promotion Is Now Live

December 12, 2012 / 4:09 PM

By: Jesse Waldack

Nintendo’s Deluxe Digital Promotion (or Nintendo Network Premium as it is known in other regions) is now live.  Early last month, I wrote an article detailing the Deluxe Digital Promotion as I understood it, and as far as I can tell, little no nothing has changed.  So I won’t go into the ugly details of what it is, if you want to know, you can read my previous article.  What I am going to do today, is walk through the process of checking your DDP points and redeeming your points for an eShop code which can be turned into eShop credit.  Since my demo is picture heavy, the demo will be after the jump, click on …





To start, click on one of the links at the start of the article to get into the DDP site or the NNP site, depending on which region you are in.  Since I’m in North America, I followed the DDP link.  I can only presume that the content of NNP is similar, but I have not looked at it for myself.  From here, you will see a login page.  At this login page, enter in the Nintendo Network ID that was set up on your Wii U system, your password, and click on Sign in.  The sign-in window will look like the image to the left.

When you get logged in, you will see the Terms of the DDP, which outlines many of the limitations of the program that we already knew about.  There was no surprises here, so then click Continue to move on.

Next you will get a summary of your points, along with  how many $5 credits you  have earned.  The total amount of points you have left after credits earned have been deducted and the lifetime points earned.  You can see in the image below, I’m 53 points shy of my next $5 credit.

If you click on “View Points Summary”, you will see a break down of all of your digital purchases, their price, the points earned, and the point balance after the purchase.  If you have over 500 points at this point, the site will be deducted from your total and issue a $5 credit code.

If instead you click on “Get Activation Code”, you will get the screen shown below.  The code shown can then be entered into the eShop to increase your credit by $5.

If you click on the “Get Codes for eShop Credit”, you will get a summary of all of the codes that you have ever collected with the date they were generated.  Since I only have one code, only one was shown.  This is handy to know where it is since eShop is down for maintenance, I could not enter the code in right away, which I wanted to do to show that process, but that will have to be in another article in another day.

I have heard of people already earning $30 or more in eShop credits.  Let us know in the comments below how much you have earned so far.  You already know how much I’ve earned.  It’s only fair.

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