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New Vive Controllers, Linux Support, and More Announced at Steam Dev Days

October 12, 2016 / 1:51 PM

By: Zack O'Neill


At Steam Dev Days, Valve’s developer conference for anyone making Steam games, Valve has been discussing the future of the Vive and VR in general. After Oculus Connect last week, they have some serious competition. Oculus has lowered the requirements for VR, secured several new exclusives, and Touch controllers (finally) coming soon.

However, Valve has now made the official announcement that new a controller option that allows the user to let go of it and grasp things in-game naturally will be coming for the Vive, and is available for demos at Dev Days. Along with that, improved base stations will be coming, and more perhaps more importantly: Linux and OSX support for SteamVR has been confirmed. Some of you may remember that the Vive was supposed to ship with Linux support and didn’t in the end, but it appears that Valve is finally coming through with it plus a little extra with OSX support. It’s yet to be seen how well VR will run on Macs, but with the announcement of (what may be called) Asynchronous Reprojection, we may see a very wide adoption of VR across all major computer operating systems.

Additionally, some more people came onstage to talk about VR in other mediums, such as Disney bringing VR Star Wars rides to Disneyland or a large challenge of VR being increasing resolutions faster than GPUs can support them. Tim Sweeney even publicly called out “closed platforms” onstage. (shots fired) Judging by a tweet from Valve dev Pierre-Loup Griffais there will most likely be announcements of new VR compatible Steam Machines later in the day or tomorrow.

If any new updates on VR come today, expect to see more news here.

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